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  • Slovenia - Cases - 4

    [Google Translation from Slovenian]

    Pig flu u Slovenia
    Region 20.06.2009 10:20

    Slovenia is a U u petak test confirmed the first chance the new (pig) influenza, confirmed last night at vanrednoj Conference reporter for the Health Ministries and javnog Institute for Health zaštitu u Ljubljani.

    Come the youngest woman osoba koja je u srijedu plane arrived from her Jorka (SAD), prije u Veneciju, a onda u Sloveniju.

    After dolasku u region is ljekaru odmah plant, but the symptoms like nausea, fever and high temperature sensation is more to vrijeme years, explained su Director Institute for Health zaštitu Alenka Kraigher i ministara Health Borut Miklavčič.

    Status pacijentice koja je odmah received Tamiflu ozbiljno nije i ne nalazi se u u isolation hospital care codes house. U tests for postupku su još tri osobe incoming ovih dana from abroad.

    This is the first chance u confirm pigskins flu Slovenia, a do sada is tested thirty persons codes kojih is postojala sumnja in the form of taj pandemijske bolesti.

    Miklavčič the izjavio to mute nikakvog reason to panic povodom prvog potvrđenog incident. Slovenia after his words more duże weather washed situāciju u svijetu eye pig flu, u sa contacting the corresponding svjetskim and European institutions, a raspolaže i brojem sufficient dose of Tamiflu u country's reserves in case a pandemic.

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    Re: Slovenia - Cases - 4

    [Google Translation]

    H1N1 in Slovenia: fourth
    Sick arrived from France
    27. June 2009 at 17:23
    Ljubljana - MMC RTV SLO

    From a national reference laboratory for influenza has been confirmed, the fourth case of infection with a new influenza virus A (H1N1).

    Protection is a woman who is on its way from France to the same bus as the man who infected him confirmed on Wednesday, 24 June. Most likely is that this patient infected in France. Showed the mild symptoms of low fever. Otherwise, the laboratory today, moreover, examined eight samples, which were all negative. A total of negative 59 in Slovenia investigated samples.

    The spread of infection prevented by:
    - Hygiene, cough (when kašljamo or kihamo, your mouth with handkerchiefs blind, which put him in the waste bin, and you washed your hands or kašljamo in the upper part of arm);
    - Frequent hand washing with soap and water;
    - Avoiding contact with sick people;
    - If zbolimo, stay home, not to expand the infection.

    "Ill person is advised epidemiologists to remain at home until the disease shows signs that the infection will spread. It is also advised to limit contact with other people," said See. doc. dr. Alenka Kraigher by IVZ-ja. Medical service at the discovery of a case of infection acted as prescribed in the instructions for health workers, which have been forwarded and are also available on the website of the IVZ-ja. It provided hospital treating physician, local epidemiologists as well as their close contacts. Given that the medical image of goods is expected to recover quickly.

    Epidemiologists have also come into contact with other passengers who were traveling with the same coach from France, both as a free passenger, and advise them, in the coming days to observe any changes in health status.

    In the coming days, probably even more cases

    Given that the number of infected around the world increases, we can expect to be suffering from the flu all new to us even more. "For now, the excitement is superfluous, because the disease is still in most cases, the goods held. But we must now more aware of the importance of the appropriate hygiene in preventing the spread of infection. This means that your mouth when kašljamo, Cover handkerchiefs to be thrown away after use it in the trash and wash their hands. umivamo you hands regularly with soap and water, could also be robčkom, namočenim in alcoholic disinfectant. It is also important that when zbolimo, stay home, but call your doctor on the phone that the infection does not expand, and that gives appropriate instructions, "he emphasized, cf. doc. dr. Alenka Kraigher. It should be emphasized again, that until now, suffering only those who have brought the infection from abroad, are expected to be over time the disease began to spread even within Slovenia.