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70 hospitalized due to flu

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  • 70 hospitalized due to flu

    Seasonal circulation of influenza viruses is expected to have peaked. Hospitals have been taken more than 70 patients confirmed flu virus.

    As reported by the Institute of Public Health (IPH), in Slovenia morbidity due to acute respiratory infections and flu-like illness almost the same as last week. In specimens diagnosed confirmed influenza virus A (H1N1) 2009 (pandemic virus) and influenza B virus Approximately 50 percent of samples of patients with influenza-like illness, which are tested for influenza virus, is positive. The number of toddlers infected with respiratory syncytial virus, is gradually decreasing.

    In hospitals, the number of admissions due to acute lower respiratory infections appropriate annual period. Admissions of patients in whom the virus or confirmed pandemic influenza B virus is a little - so far have been taken more than 70 patients. Burden on hospitals is not greater than pričakovane.13. January this year, we reported the first fatal victim of the new flu in our country. In Slovenj hospital died an elderly man who was chronic pulmonary patient.

    Vodilni slovenski spletni medij: aktualni dogodki iz Slovenije in tujine, športne novice ter ekskluzivni prispevki iz sveta zabave.