At the same time filed a case of severe acute respiratory illness (SARI) in 41-year-old woman from Liberty County. Virological laboratory examination of material taken was for him a confirmed presence of influenza A H1N1. TASR spokeswoman Banska Bystrica Regional Public Health Authority (RPHA) Mary Tolnayov?. The region recorded by the other words in absolute terms, 6229 cases of ARI, which represents 1,888 cases of illness per 100,000 population. Influenza quite ill 1034 people, which in this case, 314 cases of illness per 100,000 population. 'In the annual comparison is the presence of ARO CHPO consistently higher by 41.3 percent. " The highest morbidity of various types of ARO is in large districts Krt?? Krupina, Zvolen and Bansk? Bystrica.

Influenza is the highest number occurs again in the districts of Great Krt?? Rev?ca, Bansk? ?tiavnica and Liberty. Increased the number of complications, which reached 4.7 percent of these diseases. Inflammatory diseases of upper respiratory tract, as well as influenza complicated sinusitis, middle ear and lung. In terms of age, the highest morbidity ARO again in children under five years, where up to 5675 cases per 100,000 children in this age group. For CHPO terms of 187 cases per 100,000 children. Have high morbidity and primary school pupils. ARO for more than 4890 sick and CHPO 287 students per 100,000 children in this age group. In adolescents, compared with the previous week significantly decreased morbidity and in the case of ARO 867 cases per 100,000 secondary school students. Substantial in comparison medzit??dňovom increased morbidity of people of working age, especially for ARO.

Epidemiológovia zaznamenali v Banskobystrickom kraji v 13. kalendárnom týždni približne rovnaký výskyt akútnych respiračných ochorení (ARO) a o vyše 27