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Portugal: Nine persons in ICU with flu A in Coimbra - 3 deaths

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  • Portugal: Nine persons in ICU with flu A in Coimbra - 3 deaths

    Eight patients are interned in the Intensive Cares, and one was transferred, yesterday, to the Hospital of Saint John, in Oporto, because of needing special therapeutics. According to nosocomial fountain, the patients have respiratory insufficiency and are tied to the ventilator. The patients' increase led to the opening of one unity of Intensive Cares, with nine beds, and another unity in the Infecciologia, with six beds. The CM perfected that there are patients who were induced to the coma. The subdiretora-general one of the Health, Grace Freitas, affirmed to the CM that the patients' increase with atypical pneumonia is not due to the new coronav?rus, that it is contagious and fatal. ' There are no in Portugal cases of pneumonia for coronav?rus, they are own cases of the time. '

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    Re: Portugal: Nine persons in ICU with flu A in Coimbra

    First serious cases of Flu A registered this year in Portugal

    In spite of are still no official numbers, the Antena1 knows that in the hospitals of Lisbon there submitted in the intensive cares five persons infected in the last week and in Inhabitant of Coimbra, there are eight persons in the same conditions.

    The virus of the Flu ' Her ' appeared in 2009 and it is in the origin of the serious cases of the disease this Winter.

    The General-director of Health, Francisco George, confirms the available data and remembers that the vaccination is still avoiding more complicated situations.

    Francisco George believes that there will be a less mortality between the old ones of what in last year.


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      Re: Portugal: Nine persons in ICU with flu A in Coimbra

      Nosocomial centre of Coimbra received 10 patients infected with flu A

      In the last days, the nosocomial centre of Inhabitant of Coimbra received 10 patients infected with flu A.
      Eight cases were directed to the Hospitals of the University and others two to the Covões.
      A nosocomial source guarantees what one treated as a peak and what the situation is already bringing back to normal.


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        Re: Portugal: Nine persons in ICU with flu A in Coimbra

        General direction of Health does evaluation of the situation of the cases of flu A

        The administrator of the nosocomial centre of Inhabitant of Coimbra says that it is accompanying the evolution of the cases.
        Tomorrow they are going to meet with the General-direction of the Health to value the situation.


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          Re: Portugal: Nine persons in ICU with flu A in Coimbra

          Ten cases of flu A confirmed in the Portuguese hospitals

          Be at least 10 confirmed cases of flu A in the Portuguese hospitals, the majority is interned in Inhabitant of Coimbra.
          Four are in serious state in the intensive cares.
          The authorities say that there is no preoccupation for alarm, but they advise precaution.


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            Re: Portugal: Nine persons in ICU with flu A in Coimbra

            DGS. Twenty Portugueses interned with flu A, but situation ' not alarming '

            The number of Portugueses infected with the virus of the flu A at present interned in the national hospitals ascends to 20, but the General-direction of Health (DGS) informed today that the situation, in general terms, ? will not be alarming ?.

            In declarations to the Portuguese agency, the general-director of Health explained that ? this year there is no an excess of mortality associated to the grippal activity, so the situation is very different from the one that happened in the previous time ?.

            ? There is a grippal activity that is brought near of his peak. It is true that there are serious cases in which the persons are interned [in the intensive cares], but the number of cases is inside what we had planned in terms of anticipation ?, it highlighted Francisco George.

            At present there are 20 cases of internamentos in the unities of intensive cares of the Portuguese hospitals due to the flu A, but, in agreement with the general-director of the Health, ? it is necessary to take into account that these situations always take place ?, because ? there is no here a new fact ?.

            ? These cases that have more serious clinical pictures, with complications that they demanded internamento in intensive cares, are situations provoked in special for the flu of type AH1, the flu that surfaced for the first time in 2009 and what about some 'dynasty' we knew that it would be going to provoke situations of this type ?, it underlined.

            Francisco George highlighted still the fact of having had in Portugal ? a great impulse ? in which it respects to the care in the transmission of informations to the Portugueses under the form of prevention of the infe??o of the flu and with the vaccination, which, for the first time, was distributed to the one who was 65 or more years old.

            The Minister of the Health, Paul Macedo confirmed in Saturday at night that in the last week there was a bigger affluence to the patients' hospitals with flu A, it leaves from which it is interned in unities of intensive cares.

            The Minister told, nevertheless, that the situation does not justify any alarm, in the measure in ? have been fewer cases ? of flu and in what the mortality has been ? great juvenile of which in last year ?.

            Speaking alongside an initiative of the PSD, in Inhabitant of Coimbra, Paul Macedo detached what the vaccine protects against several stocks of the flu that they are in circulation, adding that the one who will want to take vaccine ? still goes at time ?.

            Some centres of health, he said, they are already supplying the vaccine gratuitously to other groups of the population besides that which they are considered of risk.



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              Re: Portugal: Nine persons in ICU with flu A in Coimbra

              Eleven cases of Flu when It was confirmed in Inhabitant of Coimbra

              In Inhabitant of Coimbra there is one more confirmed case, therefore, It raised for 11 the number of patients interned with Flu.
              Five are in the service of intensive medicine with reserved prediction.



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                Re: Portugal: Nine persons in ICU with flu A in Coimbra

                Inhabitant of Coimbra: Patient's death with flu and other diseases

                A person bearer of flu and with other diseases it died, in the last hours, in the Nosocomial University Centre of Inhabitant of Coimbra (CHUC), whose clinical director will be going to meet, on Monday (25), with the General-direction of Health.

                The piece of news of the death has just been spread by the SIC, marking the television station to be impossible to say that he was caused by the flu.

                The meeting of the clinical director of the CHUC, Jos? Peter Figueiredo, and of other persons in charge with technicians of the DGS it is destined when a peak of flu is analysing the risk of coming to be A, due to an announced wave of coldness.

                In the nosocomial unities of Inhabitant of Coimbra, there is a ten interned persons, with that pathology, their half with reserved prediction.

                The Minister of the Health, Paul Macedo, urged the persons to take vaccine, especially you arrange whose ages are superior to 60 years.



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                  Re: Portugal: Nine persons in ICU with flu A in Coimbra

                  Cases of flu A in Portugal increase

                  It is increasing the number of persons interned with flu A. Only in the hospitals of Inhabitant of Coimbra they are already 15 infected ones, which makes exceed the barrier of the 20 at national level.

                  To what the Renaissance perfected, in the Hospitals of the University of Inhabitant of Coimbra 13 persons are, five in the intensive cares, six in the service of the infectious diseases and two in wards. In the Hospital of the Cov?es, another two patients interned with flu are A, in the intensive cares.

                  According to the assistant of the clinical direction of the nosocomial university centre of Inhabitant of Coimbra, Ars?nio Santos, the patients ? are stable ?. ? In none of them, in the last days or hours, aggravation of the clinical state, the situations is relatively controlled by them ?, it explains.

                  At national level, the situation is not considered that alarming, however, the General-direction of the Health came already to guarantee in Sunday a picture of prevention in the nosocomial services.



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                    Re: Portugal: Nine persons in ICU with flu A in Coimbra

                    Seven patients hospitalized
                    in intensive care

                    Monday, February 25, 2013
                    The number of cases of influenza A followed at Hospital Center and University of Coimbra (chuc) rose to 11 yesterday. By late afternoon, seven patients were hospitalized in intensive care: five in University Hospitals and two General Hospital (Cov?es). The remaining patients remained, according to hospital sources, the service HUC Infectious Diseases.



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                      Re: Portugal: Nine persons in ICU with flu A in Coimbra

                      Patients with influenza A rose to 13
                      Posted today at 10:35 am

                      Rose to 13 the number of patients with influenza A, the Coimbra Hospital Center. Of these seven are ventilated in intensive care.
                      Two other patients are hospitalized, suspected of having contracted the disease, but the analyzes could only confirm the suspicions of doctors.
                      Source of Coimbra Hospital Center ensures that there is no reason for alarmism. The procedures were keen to respond to cases that have arrived in recent days.
                      In the late morning, a meeting is scheduled between responsible Hospitals of Coimbra and the Directorate General of Health, to make a point about the swine flu situation



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                        Re: Portugal: Nine persons in ICU with flu A in Coimbra

                        CHUC: 14 persons interned with diagnosis of flu A

                        There are 14 persons with flu A interned in unities of the Nosocomial and University Centre of Inhabitant of Coimbra (CHUC), the "Champion" knew. Besides this, there are other patients to wait for confirmation laboratorial of what it the question is infection of the subtype H1N1.

                        Holy Ars?nio, assistant of the clinical direction of the CHUC, were said by him today, to the journalists, what ? the situation of several patients is stable ?, in spite of the gravity inherent in this pathology.

                        A person died, on Sunday, in Inhabitant of Coimbra, victim of flu A, though his level of health was weak and subject to complications due to other diseases from which it was suffering.

                        Two technicians of the General-direction of Health (DGS) joined, today, with the persons in charge of the CHUC, to do an evaluation of the situation of the last days, connected with cases of flu A.

                        Filipe Froes, adviser of the DGS, says that ? there are no reasons for alarm ? and that the apparent increase of cases of H1N1 is connected, also, with a superior capacity of diagnosis of this stock of the virus of the flu, occurred after the pandemia of 2009.



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                          Re: Portugal: Nine persons in ICU with flu A in Coimbra

                          Confirmed nine cases of flu A and a death in Coimbra

                          Holy Ars?nio, coordinator of the group of attendance of the cases of flu A, confirmed this Monday what there are nine confirmed cases of flu A, alone in Inhabitant of Coimbra. The infected ones are interned in the wards of the Hospital of the University of Inhabitant of Coimbra and in the General Hospital of Inhabitant of Coimbra, known by the Hospital of the Cov?es. Holy Ars?nio was still confirmed by the death of a patient infected with the H1N1, who had other factors of risk. The interned patients are "stable" .Al?m of these nine confirmed cases, another five persons can be infected also with flu A, being still waiting for the results laboratoriais.



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                            Re: Portugal: Nine persons in ICU with flu A in Coimbra

                            Most of the hospitalized by Flu were registered in Inhabitant of Coimbra

                            Up to now the biggest number of internamentos of persons with Flu To was registered in Inhabitant of Coimbra. Altogether 14 persons are interned, nine with confirmed diagnosis. Five other patients wait for the results of the examinations. In weekend, a patient infected with this virus of flu died. It had other several associate factors of risk to the disease.



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                              Re: Portugal: Nine persons in ICU with flu A in Coimbra

                              Hospital of Coimbra without explanation for outbreak of flu A

                              There are still 14 persons interned with flu A in the nosocomial centre of Inhabitant of Coimbra, after the death, in last Saturday, of a patient. Heard by the Renaissance, Arsénio Santos, assistant of the clinical direction, says that it does not find particular reason any for this apparent concentration of serious cases of flu in the city. “ We are wrong to believe that there is something again in the specter of the flu. Perhaps also it is because we are all more moved, doctors, to put the hypothesis of the diagnosis and to confirm it ”, it watches the doctor. “ At this moment be concentration of cares in Inhabitant of Coimbra ”, it continues, what is a reference for great part of the region I Center, so for this reason the most serious situations also concentrate here ”, it begins to appear, without however having explanation for this apparent outbreak in the region.

                              It explains Holy Arsénio still that the patient with flu A what died again in last Saturday had other complications, which contributed to the aggravation of his clinical situation. “ These more serious pictures, which we check is that they are usually in persons that they have other pathologies, other diseases. In this case it was that that went on. She was a person with serious problems of health and it died again for the descompensação of other diseases that had ”, it explains. Ill 14 does not put any negative evolution in perspective for the remainder what are interned, five two which in the intensive cares, which besides the usual symptoms, have respiratory problems. The patients are diagnosed by flu A, one of two stocks in circulation this Winter. The virus A H1N1 is person in charge for the pandemia of flu of 2009, that from that time it entered in the composition of the vaccines, such as it happens this year. There is no certainty as for one or two patients, but of those who are interned in Inhabitant of Coimbra they did not vaccinate the majority.