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Hospital at Pomorzanach: Prohibition of traffic, afraid of swine flu

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  • Hospital at Pomorzanach: Prohibition of traffic, afraid of swine flu

    In the hospital at Pomorzanach can not visit patients on the ward cardiac surgery, intensive care and internal medicine. It is not unlikely that the ban will also cover the other branches. The Directorate is afraid of swine flu.

    On Friday, we gave the information that the hospital MIA Street. Jagiellonian University was closed to visitors one of the branches. Directorate of the institution explained that the fever does not want to expose patients to additional viruses. In the hospital, the directorate Pomorzanach no secret that the ban is related to the H1N1 virus.

    - Introduced a ban on visits for cardiac surgery, internal medicine and intensive care, where they came to our patients infected with H1N1 - said prof. Florian Czerwinski, Deputy Director for treatment of the Independent Public Clinical Hospital No 2 in Szczecin. - At other locations on a visit to confine a person in one patient. The situation is controlled at the reception. I fear that the ban can still take and extended to other branches. We fear an epidemic. One of the men infected with H1N1, which stayed with us has been discharged, the second condition is not good, so all the time in hospital. Unfortunately, we still ended up two pregnant women, in whom we suspect of infection so. Swine influenza. Today has been taken from the throat swabs. We need to be safe than sorry. At this time in the province we have 15 confirmed cases of H1N1 infection. After a weekend of three new cases came from Szczecin. These are two women, whose condition is stable and a man in serious condition. Among the confirmed cases of swine flu, two were fatal.