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Norway: Trond Yngve is isolated with H1N1 flu

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  • Norway: Trond Yngve is isolated with H1N1 flu

    Trond Yngve Hansen has been at the hole in the nine days of the Medical Department at the Nordland hospital in Bodø with swine flu.It writes the Avisa Nordland. -It's the jævligste I have been with, and it has been a crazy round. Two weeks with fever, nausea, diarrhea and vomiting on each other. For me it has been a near death experience, I have never been so sick ever, describing Hansen from the sick bed in flew R4 on Northern Norway's second largest health authority. -Distorted Picasso drawings-it has not been possible to bring down some food, and I don't think that I have seen so many distorted Picasso drawings fly through the air. I am struggling also with the breath and getting oxygen through a tube in his nose. According to Wikipedia, is the swine flu is an ordinary, and sometimes fatal disease in pigs, which is caused by the influenza virus type a. Officially is called the illness H1N1. The World Health Organization, or WHO, as they discussed whether in English, have pointed to the swine flu as a possible cause of human influenza pandemics, which are considered to frame around every third decade. The H1N1 virus had the most serious outbreak in 2009, and the first case of the disease was first reported in Mexico. It quickly became feared that the outbreak could be the start of a new pandemic, a disease that affects people over a large geographical area. 19. april 2009 spreading the virus itself on to the United States, and a 2-year-old boy died.