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Norway: 11-year-old boy died of swine flu

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  • Norway: 11-year-old boy died of swine flu


    Norway: 11-year-old boy died of swine flu

    friday, dec 28 2012

    A 11 year old boy from Telemark in Norway, was hospitalized before Christmas with swine flu, died yesterday at a hospital in Oslo. It confirms municipality doctor Bjørnar Nyen from Porsgrunn municipality to

    The 11-year-old boy who is from Porsgrunn, was first admitted to hospital in Telemark, but was sent to Oslo when his condition deteriorated.
    In addition to the 11-year-old was also two adults hospitalized with swine flu just before Christmas. The two are still in intensive care, according to media guard at Oslo University Hospital.

    Municipality doctor says that it is now working to prepare students, teachers and parents at the school after the New Year. The 11-year-old boy was in sixth grade.

    - It is very rare that someone dies of swine flu after outbreak in 2009. The virus has the same potential to be dangerous, but today there are many more who have antibodies in the body and thus are less seriously ill, says municipal doctor Bjørnar Nyen to
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    Re: Norway: 11-year-old boy died of swine flu

    In addition another boy is in hospital, the spokesperson for the hospital will not disclose his age. There will be news if the virus is changing in any way late next week