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Lithuania flu has claimed nine lives

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  • Lithuania flu has claimed nine lives

    This week from the flu after the death of two elderly victims of this disease in Lithuania this season, the disease has increased to nine, informed of Infectious Diseases and AIDS Center (ULAC).
    ULAC figures, died on Monday aged 75 Kupiskio resident who became ill on 5 January, and January 6 th was taken to a hospital.
    On Monday died from influenza and 60 from Vilnius. It is in the hospital for other diseases were treated from January 3rd.

    In the laboratory confirmed that both patients were infected with influenza A (H1N1) virus last year, having caused a pandemic. In particular, the virus has infected the majority of the population, the disease died from the flu season.
    The first death from the flu this season were registered in Lithuania on the last day of last year - 27 year-old man died. He was hospitalized at the flu, but for other chronic diseases.
    Last week's data, the incidence of influenza and acute upper respiratory tract infections (ŪVKTI) in Lithuania has increased significantly and approached the level of the epidemic. Morbidity rate of 96.5 to 10 thousand in the case. population.
    Flu epidemic has already declared seven municipalities.
    Flu epidemic declared in cases of influenza and ŪVKTI per week, reaching 100 cases per 10 thousand. population, the flu is about 30 percent. diseases.
    Some municipalities publish the epidemic without having to wait until the flu will be one-third of cases, but consider the recommendations of public health professionals and other indicators, such as the growing incidence of what pace.