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Latvia - the first death from swine flu

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  • Latvia - the first death from swine flu

    Latvia - the first death from swine flu

    BNS and info.

    2009-11-09 12:34

    Latvia recorded the first death from so-called swine flu, reported the Riga Stradins Paulo University Hospital.

    Latvia recorded the number of cases of swine flu has risen to 89, Lithuania influenza has had a 57 people.

    Hospitals report says that the virus A (H1N1) the victim is middle-aged woman who died on Monday morning.

    The 50-year-old woman in late October visit to the Kaliningrad region, and probably occurred in this journey. Ill about a week it has been treated at home, but later was admitted to the hospital, P. Stradins intensive care ward.

    Throughout last week her condition was very serious, and neither is improved or very negatively.

    Latvia recorded the number of cases of swine flu has risen to 89, 52 new cases were reported last week.

    As in other countries, Latvia virus A (H1N1) infected mostly young people and in part this could be explained by the fact that young people may have never been free from flu and not from his skiepijęsi so quickly surrenders to infection.

    Latvian Center for Infectious Diseases (LIC) previously announced that it has drawn up an action plan in case of swine influenza in human patients would take a rapidly proliferate.

    Research has confirmed 7 cases of so-called swine flu Lithuanian Military Academy

    8 An analysis last week which had flu symptoms Lithuanian Military Academy cadets samples showed that 7 of them are infected with a new type of so-called swine flu.

    This is the ANC on Monday announced the Military Academy of the original military health care center in Vilnius Maj. Vidmantas Kontrauskas.

    "Experts have even advises against testing because all are suffering from the same focus, therefore, is clear", - said V. Kontrauskas.

    But he has also stated that the new disease on Saturday at the Military Academy were reported: "We believe that this suggests that at least the situation among the cadets rimsta.

    According to him, this time a fever 4 militants, 7 are hospitalized soldiers of primary health care center ward and 67 convalescent medical supervision cadet barracks.

    From influenza A (H1N1) v start of a pandemic in Europe is calculated for more than 59 thousand. disease, and worldwide more than 378 thousand. from Europe died of the flu - 204 of the world more than 4.5 thousand. people.

    Minister of Health, Lithuania has the so-called swine influenza has had a 57 persons who sought the assistance of medical personnel. They had a no complications.

    “Addressing chronic disease is an issue of human rights – that must be our call to arms"
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