[Source: National Institute of Health (Istituto Superiore di Sanit?), full PDF document, in Italian (LINK). Extract, edited.]

Acute Respiratory Illness Emergency Departments Admission Surveillance System

Week 2/2011 (10-16 January 2011)

Acute Respiratory Illness:

During week 02/2011, 7.6% of all patients admissions to Hospital Emergency Departments were due to acute respiratory illness.

Among these patients, 21% has been hospitalized.

This week Emergency Departments accessions rate is decreasing for all the classes of age.

In addition, the level thresholds have been exceeded for the people in the 15-55 and 45-64 classes of age.

  • Regions and Public Health Administrations participating to the Surveillance Network: 13/21 (62%)
  • Administrations sending data: 13/13 (100%)
  • Trend - Alert Threshold:
    • All causes Emergency Department Admissions - Decreasing - Not Exceeded
    • Emergency Departments Admissions for Acute Respiratory Illness - Decreasing - Not Exceeded