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Italy - Sulmona: a woman died and the sister hospitalized in serious condition from influenza H1N1 - two sisters died and father hospitalized

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  • Italy - Sulmona: a woman died and the sister hospitalized in serious condition from influenza H1N1 - two sisters died and father hospitalized

    Sulmona – a woman died and her sister hospitalized in Sulmona (L'Aquila). Women, a 53 year-old and a 50 year-old native of the hamlet of Badia, would have contracted the H1N1 according to the diagnosis of doctors. This is the swine flu a few years ago has claimed many victims in the world. 'In fact the virus has pandemic-explain now doctors in the newspaper Il Messaggero – the two women were not vaccinated and had very low immune system. Two cases in addition to the one registered in Abruzzo, Pescara. 'The virus manifests itself with symptoms of flu – add the doctors – who did the vaccine this year should be covered. H1N1 affects mainly poor and people with low immune system '.

    The woman died was disabled and lived with her sister in their house in poverty and with hygiene problems.
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    The sister died and father hospitalized

    Swine fever, Rome: dead sister of the last infected di Sulmona (Thursday March 17, 2016) Sonia Ferrante, 50 years resident in the village of Badia di Sulmona, had the same fate of sister: how she did it and she died at the Policlinico Umberto I in Rome in the night because of swine flu. The H1N1 virus has not spared and the infection has become more and more serious. Useless Roman relief provided by doctors at the hospital, the body, greatly debilitated by illness, couldn't take it, and the heart suddenly ceased to throb at the nth worsening. The father of the two women was also hospitalized and this has aroused much concern among the citizenry of sleepy little town, despite reassurance from Asl that had excluded any inspection. Article swine flue, Rome: dead sister of the last infected of Sulmona seems to be the first of MeteoWeb.


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      One sister' s husband hospitalized

      In hospital the woman's husband died last Thursday: accused suspect symptoms and was hospitalized at San SalvatoreSULMONA. Was waiting to celebrate the funeral of his wife Sonia when the other day his condition suddenly worsened. The cough that tormented him long ago became influence and then 20-year-old son in the high fever, worried by the situation, convinced him to be examined by the family doctor who immediately admitted to hospital. Since yesterday, the husband of one of the two sisters died within days of each other for the effects caused by the H1N1 virus, better known as 'swine flu', is under close observation in isolation in infectious diseases Department of the San Salvatore in L'Aquila. His condition is serious but according to the head of the Department, Gathoni, the man would not be life threatening. Expects the outcome of blood tests and bacteria to which the patient has undergone. Although symptoms complained by the man would leave little doubt about the fact of being in the throes of a new case of swine fever.


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        H1N1 denied for husband of one of the dead women

        excluded H1N1 for husband of one of the dead women (Wednesday March 23, 2016) is not affected by swine flu, hospitalized last Sunday at a hospital in L'aquila, one of two women who have died in recent days in a hospital in Rome for the H1N1 virus. The response came in the early afternoon today in L'Aquila's Hospital Spallanzani in Rome, which had been sent samples taken from the patient to be subjected to laboratory analysis.