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Apulia - Italy: 40 severe flu cases, 8 deaths ( one child). The other hospitalizations postponed

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  • Apulia - Italy: 40 severe flu cases, 8 deaths ( one child). The other hospitalizations postponed

    Six patients in intensive care unit and an early death. It happened from the H1N1 flu pandemic of 2009. The flu scare the Puglia and sends in tilt hospitals for the big influx of patients to the emergency room and oversubscribed in resuscitation. Yesterday the Asl di Bari, after the decision of the polyclinic, has cancelled the ordinary admissions to make room for emergency preparedness. ' With the exception of cancer patients ' States the General Director Vito Montanaro. Planned admissions were blocked by Asl Bat in hospitals of Barletta and Trani: postponed so interventions that require postoperative course in intensive care. By the President of the Medical Association of Bari, Philip rings, is a party to regional assessorship to the Sos healthcare. ' There is a crisis unit to coordinate the emergency '. In the next few hours the region will convene a technical table with health directors of the Asl and the directors of emergency departments.

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    Puglia: 9 young people in ICU

    New cases of patients in very serious condition and forecasting worrying that estimate half a million of pugliesi to bed in February. Could go from 6 to 9 cases of subjects, all young people, in resuscitation for serious respiratory distress caused by the virus H1N1. For the moment the Oer, epidemiological observatory regional does not confirm. What is certain is that there is a new case, a patient severe, resuscitation of the Saint Paul to Bari and the laboratories of the center are working on the data of two other cases in arrival by Asl of Lecce. 'The acute phase is in full swing - comments on the responsible of the Oer, Cinzia Germinario - but before giving the confirmations we must analyze the data in the laboratory' .meanwhile, an autopsy performed yesterday on baby of 15 months died in Lecce due to complications of influenza showed very serious brain damage,


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      Influenza: 72-year old died in Lecce

      LECCE - a man of 72 years died last night in the hospital Vito Fazzi of Lecce where yesterday morning he was hospitalized due to problems linked to the influence. To cause the death, according to doctors, it was a bacterial meningitis outbreak as a complication of influenza. The elder, a native of San Pietro in Blade (Brindisi), had come to the emergency room with an ambulance 118, with a atrial fibrillation in act and with the high fever. It has been subjected to diagnostic tests and specialist advice, but with the passing of the hours its conditions have worsened until his death.



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        Influenza, new victim dies woman of 61 years 'was not vaccinated

        to today the serious cases of influence registered in Puglia are 11 including the two deaths: the baby of 15 months to the Vito Fazzi of Lecce and that of the 61-year old to Miulli of Acquaviva delle Fonti. Would that not be H1N1 instead of the 72-year old died two days ago always to Vito Fazzi of Lecce that it would have been crushed by a meningitis. 'Was Not influence - reaffirm from epidemiological observatory regional which has its headquarters in Policlinico di Bari - there was a clear framework of meningitis' . 'The budget of patients severe but will rise to very short - warns the professor of Hygiene Maria Chironna, Responsible for the virological surveillance of influenza in the Region of Apulia - for now, we are at 11, but there are other 4-5 serious cases of suspected influence arrived in the hospitals in the last few hours on which we are verifying the positivity to the H1N1 '. The last just to Croydon, to Miulli, Where last night and arrived another patient 60enne with flu-like symptoms and was hospitalized in Intensive Care." New this year is that the patients are mostly young people - he explains Mary Chironna - the hospital of San Paolo di Bari and hospitalized a childbirth of 31 years who had just given birth and returned to the hospital shortly after with respiratory insufficiency, the Vito Fazzi of Lecce there is a boy of 15 years. We have critical care patients 35, 58, 60, 53 and 4 years. The average age was lowered. AND half of the serious cases had not co-morbidity, was people that were good and had no other pathologies


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          Influenza, the virus attacks the children 'three other serious cases in ICU'

          A girl of 10 years at the pediatric hospital John XXIII of Bari, an old man of 77 years to the Vito Fazzi of Lecce is a woman of 60 years to Miulli of Acquaviva delle Fonti. Are the three new cases of severe influenza registered in Puglia. 'The list of critical care patients has stretched - explains from the laboratories of the Institute of Hygiene of the Policlinico di Bari Professor Mary Chironna, responsible of the virological surveillance of influenza in the Region Puglia we did the test and results are all three positive to H1N1, Monday we will do the official report that could count even more cases that we are investigating to these hours: for example there is a child of monopolies positive to the virus, but we don't know yet if it is in a serious condition. For now the budget rises to 14 '.


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            Puglia, are 17 serious cases. Two women, and the more recent cases

            The fourth report provides these data: 17 cases of severe in Puglia. The H1N1 flu ago record, such as more recent cases, that of a woman of Terlizzi and hospitalized at "Miulli" of Acquaviva delle Fonti, both outnumbered

            the case worrying these days relates to the girl of Tricase, Hospitalized in intensive care in pediatric "John XXIII" of Bari and the others of any age, are hospitalized in their turn in the various departments of intensive therapy.

            Meanwhile, the Asl of Lecce decided to freeze the programd hospitalisations (oncology diseases excluded): waiting for the peak of influenza, from here in a couple of weeks. We accept right now only the urgencies.



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              Flu, three others dead in Puglia

              LECCE-three people (of 77, 76 and 62 years) died in these hours in Puglia for the effects of seasonal flu. It was learned from the regional epidemiological Observatory. None of them had undergone vaccination and were all suffering from other diseases. The three were admitted in the Hospital San Paolo di Bari, Malik of Acquaviva delle Fonti (Bari) and Vito Fazzi (Lecce). Other 25 people are admitted to hospital intensive care centres in Puglia for flu symptoms: none of them vaccinated.



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                Influenza: Puglia, there are no more places in hospitals. Go to the emergency room of Bari, moved to Campobasso

                three dead. In 25 people revive, 120,000 so far ammalati29 January 2015 | Rubric: archive, News Tags: Bari, emergency PugliaL is in the number of deaths. Only three yesterday, the budget at the moment (hopefully final) is five. There are 25 people in intensive care. So far, 120,000 people in bed. The influence in Puglia is this. And has yet to reach the peak. To say what the size of the emergency: last night, among the approximately fifty that they showed up in the emergency room of the policlinico of Bari, one had the flu. A forty-year-old. Moved to Campobasso: because in Puglia there are no more seats.



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                  Influenza, 69 years old died. Third death in Lecce at 15 days

                  LECCE - a man of 69 years originating of Corato (Bari) died today in the Intensive Care ward of the hospital Vito Fazzi of Lecce for complications caused by influenza virus H1N1 to which is positive result. This was confirmed by the medical direction of Asl of Lecce. The man was hospitalized yesterday in hospital salentino, would not appear that it was vaccinated and was suffering from cancer. This is the third death linked to the influence in fifteen days happened to 'Vito Fazzi'.

                  Http:// /LECCE/INFLUENZA _MORTO_LECCE /NOTIZIE/1152570 .shtml


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                    Influenza virus has changed, other two patients severe

                    The strain is driftato. It says so technically. Practically it means that the virus during the dissemination and the movement, and mutated. 'Slightly modified with respect to the isolated for the vaccine - explains Professor Mary Chironna, responsible of the virological surveillance of influenza in the Region of Apulia this involves a partial protection and not total even in vaccinated subjects'. At the center of attention in the laboratories of molecular epidemiology of the Policlinico di Bari, Where doctors and biologists work side by side to isolate viruses and monitor the influenza pandemic, there is now the drift of the H3N2. Although there is the virus less popular at the moment, with only 20% of cases of patients suffering from this strain (80% are instead H1N1), its evolution is of some concern. 'Not an alarm - we would like to clarify the professor Chironna - but certainly an element that makes us keep up our guard'. There are two, in fact, the serious cases of patients affected by driftato strain of H3N2: one who was hospitalized at the San Paolo di Bari and the other to the hospital of Tricase in Salento TO today, According to the latest data from epidemiological observatory regional directed by Professor Cinzia Germinario, are 34 in all the Apulia serious cases of influence between the two strain H3N2. The budget and six deaths. The last one a 69-year old suffering from a cancer that was hospitalized after Vito Fazzi



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                      H1N1 influenza, new death in Lecce

                      LECCE-flu Emergency. Up to four the number of deaths, at Lecce. And the sixth case in Puglia. To confirm this today during a Conference in Bari, Cinzia Germinario, head of regional epidemiological Observatory pugliese which explains: 'as of today there are 40 people admitted to intensive care for severe and complicated cases of influenza Germinario said we have recorded six deaths and we have to now almost 150,000 people who were sick. The virus that is circulating is H1N1 unfortunately, which is one of the notorious pandemic of 2009 peak, and to a lesser extent the H3N2 which presented a variation '.



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                        The latest flu-related death occurred last night at St. Paul's Hospital of Bari. ' A young patient, explains Professor Maria Chironna, head of epidemiological surveillance of the influence of the Puglia region-had 47 years but was suffering from other diseases and was not vaccinated '. This is the week the victim from flu complications.CINZIA Germinario, head of regional epidemiological Observatory of Puglia, Bari today during a Conference, explained: ' today we are 40 people admitted to intensive care for severe and complicated cases of the flu-Germinario said-we have now nearly 150,000 people who were sick. The virus that is circulating is H1N1 unfortunately, which is one of the notorious pandemic of 2009 peak, and to a lesser extent the H3N2 which presented a variation '.



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                          Flu kills a woman 58 years: fifth victim in Salento, eighth in Puglia. Hospitals on alert

                          LECCE-two deaths in just over 24 hours: emergency flu scares in Salento and Puglia. Yesterday in the hospital's Resuscitation Department ' Vito Fazzi 'of Lecce is dead a 58-year-old woman who had been hospitalized in recent days, the investigations carried out by doctors had shown the presence of the H1N1 virus, the influenza type a. Eight victims in Puglia. Rise to five deaths in Salento, in Apulia are eight. The woman, leccese, had been hospitalized with a clinical part compromises because of diseases that had been suffering for some time. And that clinical compromise has brought contract once the influenza A virus, to a gradual deterioration of health conditions. Until his death last night.State of emergency in hospitals. Just Wednesday, in the Department of intensive care unit of the Hospital of Flow was died a patient of 60 years, also hit by the H1N1 virus. In all hospitals of the Salento remains a State of emergency: the Asl of Lecce has blocked ordinary admissions and resuscitation departments the vacancies are at your fingertips.



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                            Nurse died from influenza H1N1

                            MANDURIA took place yesterday afternoon the funeral of Anna Agnello, a nurse in the surgery Department of the Hospital of Manduria, died after a month and a half of hospitalization in the intensive care unit of Moscati di Taranto. To kill her were the complications of a deadly influenza like H1N1 (so-called swine flu) that struck when he was not on duty. Many, yesterday, at his funeral, employees and colleagues who in recent years have worked in the service of endoscopy of Giannuzzi. Much loved and respected for his dedication to the profession, has left a large gap between his colleagues and of course in his family. Although the direct cause of death was a haematological complication occurred, you can certainly tell the nurse manduriana was the first victim of the deadly swine flu in the province of Taranto.