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Veneto - Italy: 40 died and 110 serious cases from influenza

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  • Veneto - Italy: 40 died and 110 serious cases from influenza

    VENICE-The 2014-2015 influenza epidemic in Veneto is entering its peak phase and is quite aggressive: to date, monitored over the last week (December 29-January 4) its incidence (86.8 sick for ten thousand inhabitants, approximately 43 thousand people) was four times greater than that of the same period of the previous four seasons (which was recorded at about 21 cases out of ten thousand inhabitants). The data is contained in the last report prepared and released by The public health promotion and development in the region. ' These days – stresses the assessor Luca Coletto-health our health facilities are facing some sort of stress test, because the influx is remarkable and hospitals have risen even severe cases requiring hospitalization and, in many situations, treatment with Ecmo therapy. It's basically a waiting-for-Coletto said the characteristics of the virus this year, and the decline in vaccinations following the outcry provoked by the story of lots of Fluad seized by the Aifa. Veneto the healthcare system is facing with the maximum effort '. The last Venetian monitoring does record from the beginning of the epidemic two deaths and 34 serious cases, of which none is to be vaccinated. 28 of these are carriers of serious pathology. In the first week of 2015 the age group most affected is that of children from zero to 4 years, with an incidence of 327.9 per 10,000 inhabitants (75.6 per ten thousand of the counter last week 2014). In the age group 5-14 years the incidence is high but essentially stable, while between 15 and 64 years has gone from ten thousand to 38.2 over 76.5 on 10,000 last week.
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    Influence "swine", two severe cases also at the San Martino

    BELLUNO. Two cases of influence "swine", better known as H1N1 to the hospital San Martino of Belluno. The first dates back to several days ago, while the second is the day before yesterday. A news that arrives a few hours away from that which has affected the Usl feltrina where is in the hospital a man. The first patient treated in Belluno and a middle-aged woman came with a very serious respiratory insufficiency so that, at the beginning, has been transferred to the hospital from Treviso to be subjected to extracorporeal therapy (Ecmo in medical jargon) necessary to enable it to survive. Past few days and stabilized, and has been transferred to the operational unit of resuscitation at the San Martino where his prognosis remains reserved. To be struck, also, from a form of H1N1 very strong, a young bellunese that, the day before yesterday, arrived at the hospital with a framework of severe bilateral pneumonia, was also hospitalized.


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      A woman of 65 years died in Padua

      PADOVA. Returns the alarm 'swine flu': in Padua a woman dies of 65 years and there's another sick patient, a young thirty years old. The woman, who died in the night between friday and saturday last, Due to the complications which have arisen as a result of infection with H1N1: the same viral strain protagonist of the pandemic of 2009.

      The virus H1N1 would have had the upper hand because the clinical picture of-was already compromised upstream from heart problems and kidney. The woman was positive to the testing laboratory, to the pad and the blood chemistry test. But this it would not be the only case blown in Padua. It is fighting against an influenza virus particularly aggressively even nurse a little more than thirty years old, that from a few days and hospitalized in the Intensive Care ward of the Hospital of Padova. It is under close observation by medical staff and is subjected to artificial ventilation


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        From the beginning of the year 4 victims in the Veneto

        PADOVA - a woman died in Padua because of swine flu. The victim is a 65-year old. The death occurred in intensive therapy last week. The lady was suffering from other disorders that are aggravated in the course of an episode influenza positive result in search of the virus H1N1, as confirmed by the medical director of the hospital company Gianluigi Scannapieco. And this is not the only case: "There are other patients, some in the icu". Among them, also a nurse of little more than 30 years. IT IS under close observation, and is subjected to artificial ventilation. In whole of the Veneto Region since the beginning of the year there are four people have died as a result of the influence.


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          Twelve children Hospitalized

          PADOVA. It's only been a few days since the beginning of the influenza epidemic, but Pronto soccorso pediatrico di Padova is already taken legislative assault. For twelve children was necessary hospitalization in Pediatric Emergency Department. A 12-year-old, tested positive to a/H1N1, due to complications, ended up in intensive care but is now well and is back home. Their children, along with the elderly and chronically ill, are those most at risk. A few days ago a woman of sixty-five years, already suffering from serious diseases, died as a result of complications caused by swine flu. This is the fourth victim of flu registered in England this year ....To prevent influenza infection in smaller, in addition to administering the vaccine, is always recommended hand-washing. «More who avoid contact of children with cool people you should wash your hands before approaching them. Is a simple but important gesture. In children who do not have basic diseases and have symptoms of flu you have to treat fevers, especially when bothering your child. To prevent the spread of the virus is better not to take them to school or to kindergarten, 'she adds.


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            A death in Feltre for swine influenza

            First death in the province of Belluno for swine influenza viruses. The patient (a woman) and died at the Santa Maria del Prato di Feltre, where he was hospitalized for a few days in the Intensive Care ward, For the deteriorating of previous pathologies were already in place prior to the assessment of the H1N1.

            At the moment, there are seven hospital patients in the two hospitals of Belluno and Feltre: two are located at the San Martino and the other five in hospital felt.



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              Veneto Influenza Report

              Seasonal flu 2014-2015 in Veneto you start to its peak stage. Monitored over the last week (January 5-11) the data processed by the Hygiene and public health Sector of the region show an incidence rate of 96.2 per 10 thousand inhabitants. It is estimated that 45 thousand 622 people have been affected by the virus so far, approximately three of the five previous seasons. Compared with last week, the growth has eased, but it remains significant. Cases with complications are 56, 38 of them serious. There are 7 deaths, reported by the Ulss 6 2 di Feltre, Vicenza, Treviso and 9 Padova 16. This is the outcome of the latest weekly report on influenza, which is hitting the Veneto rather aggressive. 'How to tell us the data – note the assessor Luca Coletto health – the situation is still complex, but the health care system is generally holding well on impact and, where necessary, have been taken in specific organizational initiatives. It is reasonably foreseeable that the peak is now almost achieved and that soon will start the descent phase. This situation certainly contributed the decline of vaccination and the occurrence Fluad, in which adherence to the vaccination campaign has pretty much stopped. 'As regards the categories of age, is considerably diminished the incidence in children one to four years, gone from 327 for 10 thousand last week to 145 per 10 thousand of this. Also halved the incidence in boys between 5 and 14 years, while it is still on the rise as people from 15 to 64 years old, passed by 76 to 10 thousand people to 110.9 for 10 thousand. Mild, this time, the increase in older adults with more than 65 years.The 56 cases with complications, 38 of them severe, are people with an average age of 55, the 77% of serious pathology. 31 of them have required hospitalization in the intensive care unit, 6 are being treated with the therapy using 'Ecmo' equipment.



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                Venice: man hospitalized in Mestre treated with ECMO

                MESTRE. The Department of prevention of Venetian health, number 12, reported to the region a case of H1N1 (swine flu) in a patient of Jesolo admitted at the Hospital of the Angel of Mestre.Il patient, hospitalized in intensive care, Cardiac was from the Hospital of Portogruaro and was transferred in recent days, following the worsening of his condition, the reference pole veneto dell'angelo equipped with special equipment (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation diaphragm).Clinical examinations to the Angel confirmed infection with the H1N1 virus. The patient's condition is critical but stable.The Department of prevention of Asl 12 reported a second suspected case on which are the necessary investigations in progress: it is a user currently hospitalized in the infectious disease Department of the Hospital of the Angel.



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                  Vicenza: two victims from influenza H1N1

                  VICENZA. The influence is spreading. The epidemic exploded on Christmas eve does not appear to be diminishing in intensity, the peak it seems destined to remain without changes for at least the entire month of January, and the virus, which this year is the more aggressive the past few seasons, is destroying the vicentini. Two dead in a matter of hours in intensive care in the hospital. Two victims of swine fever. Both residing in the city. They were elderly people with heart disease with serious problems of respiratory insufficiency. An influence mortal, the final blow.



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                    Belluno: a woman died from H1N1 flu

                    FELTRE. The patient was a a sixty of Sedico – who contracted the H1N1 influenza virus, the so-called 'swine flu'.The flu complication in a person in very critical conditions of previous years caused the death occurred Wednesday in the intensive care ward of the Santa Maria del Prato, where the woman had been hospitalized and monitored by the team coordinated by Davide Del Monte primary Daniele. In spite of having been operated all the tools to keep it alive and to overcome the acute phase, the patient's heart, already proven to be a compromise of vital organs, has stopped beating on Wednesday.



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                      Swine, a patient in intensive care two other cases between Mestre and Venice

                      man is in stable condition. While critical and the framework for a 90-year old hospital in the department infectious illnesses. Resuscitation In a boyfriend of Sri Lanka

                      Swine HEALTH, a patient in intensive care two other cases between Mestre and Venice

                      man is in stable condition. While critical and the framework for a 90-year old hospital in the department infectious illnesses. Resuscitation In a boyfriend of Sri Lanka

                      VENICE are stable conditions of the patient suffering from H1N1 admitted to the hospital of the Angel, transferred from the hospital of Portogruaro. IT IS confirmed as suffering from H1N1 the suspected case on which you are carried out the investigations on Friday. This is a lady of 91 years, hospitalized to the Angel, in the department of infectious diseases. The lady does not have a clinical picture critical. To the civil hospital care follow a third obvious case of H1N1: this is a young patient in Sri Lanka, who was hospitalized in Intensive Care in the past few days, and transferred now, improved under overall clinical, in the department of infectious diseases of the civil hospital of Venice.



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                        Cmposanpiero (Pd): hospitalized 2 women with swine influenza

                        CAMPOSAMPIERO. Two cases of swine flu were recorded in the week just past even at the hospital "Peter Cosma" of Camposampiero. The H1N1 virus has struck two women assisted by the USL 15 High Padovana, which are now both hospitalized to "Cosma". The first, a 43 yo of Vigodarzere, has represented the most serious case, since, in the early days of stay, had to be hospitalized in the Intensive Care ward and be subjected to intensive therapies. In fact had serious complications, probably of respiratory type, the most frequent. In the following, the woman has improved and finally out of danger, was transferred to the Department of Medicine of the same hospital. The second case concerns another woman, who has 68 years and is resident at Piazzola sul Brenta; for she has not been necessary to welcome them in Resuscitation, but was hospitalized directly in Medicine. Both have exceeded the critical phase, and if the course will have no special problems, should be scrapped in the coming days.



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                          Treviso to its knee for influenza: after the 2 dead, 20 other patients severe

                          TREVISO - After the two dead for complications related to swine flu, the Usl 9 in Treviso has reported to the region the existence of other 20 serious cases. The budget, while the virus is reaching the peak, it could therefore become worse in the coming days. THE Usl declares that all people affected by complications are already struggling with pathologies and with clinical pictures complexes that the advent of the influence has contributed to. Meanwhile the trade unions are attacking the healthcare company : too many employees -say- would be exposed to infection.


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                            H1N1, TWO NEW CASES AT FELTRE

                            FELTRE. Two new cases of swine flu in ULSS 2 of Feltre. To communicate is the same medical direction felt. When cases of H1N1 to Santa Maria del Prato climb then a 7: 3 patients are hospitalized in the Intensive Care ward and their situation is an improvement, while four are in pneumology, in stable condition.



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                              Influenza, girl of 2 years dies . The victims in the Veneto Region climbs to 13

                              PADOVA. IT IS climbed to 13 the number of persons who have died in Veneto for the complications resulting from the flu. It tells you the weekly Report drawn up by the Sector Promotion and Development hygiene and public health in the region, covering the period from 12 to 18 January, has reported that an incidence still high, equal to 97.5 sick every 10 thousand inhabitants. A rate that makes estimate of about 48 thousand the veneti affected by the virus so far. Among the 13 victims have also been reported the death of a girl of 2 years, of Padua, which she was hospitalized at the Hospital with serious complications. The small, was affected by the strain H3N2, is not the most "feared" H1N1, improperly defined "swine". Has not yet been possible to determine if it were vaccinated or not.

                              "It is sad to have to record this increase in deaths - emphasizes the Health Alderman Luke Coletto - but it is events that can never be ruled out. Especially in the presence of a seasonal flu so aggressive and a sharp decline of vaccinations due to the case Fluad and also to a certain degree of suspicion was somewhat startled apart between the people in the whole of Italy, also due to the many misinformation circulating rumours on the web. The Hospitals veneti are facing with efficiency this situation - adds the Alderman. Doctors and nurses are doing their utmost without pause, and, where necessary, are to be implemented organizational solutions suited to cope with the situation". In the last week monitored the impact of the Veneto, albeit still higher, have moved closer to the national average, which is 85.5 cases per 10 thousand inhabitants. Since the beginning of the surveillance to today were reported 94 cases of complicated shapes. Of these, 62 are considered "serious". The average age of persons affected and 56 years old and most (85 %) had inherited pathologies. The number of admissions to the icu so far were 50 and 7 of them have necessitated treatment "Ecmo".