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Veneto - Italy: 40 died and 110 serious cases from influenza

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    Man dies in Belluno, hit by H1N1 flu

    PADOVA. Another victim of influenza, H1N1 inappropriately called "swine". This is the engineer Ivo Soccol, CEO of the company and Svec Valleys Real Estate, 66 years, right arm from 1980 of the honorary president of the Ance, Pier Domenico Favaro. The professional and died in the night between Sunday and Monday in Hospital Company, in the intensive care unit. If the and brought forth the influence that this year has already made 14 victims. Soccol, born in Taibon Agordino, where he returned often, graduated in Civil Engineering at the University of Padua, worked in the company that has offices in via Cerato, behind Prato della Valle, since 1980; previously had carried out her work for a company roman. The engineer leaves her son, Umberto, his wife Barbara Grigolon, padovana, sisters Noris of Cedarville and Nives of Bribano, while the elder brother lives in Taibon.


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      Influenza: Puglia, sono 17 i casi gravi. Due donne i casi più recenti

      Il quarto report fornisce questi dati: 17 casi gravi in Puglia. L’influenza H1N1 fa registrare, quali casi più recenti, quello di una donna di Terlizzi e di una ricoverata al “Miulli” di Acquaviva delle Fonti, entrambe sessantenni
      Il caso preoccupante di questi giorni riguarda la bimba di Tricase, ricoverata in rianimazione al pediatrico “Giovanni XXIII” di Bari e anche gli altri, di ogni età, sono ricoverati a loro volta nei vari reparti di terapia intensiva.
      Intanto l’Asl di Lecce ha deciso il blocco dei ricoveri programmati (malattie oncologiche escluse): in attesa del picco dell’influenza, da qui a un paio di settimane. si accettano sin d’ora solo le urgenze.


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        Feltre - Influenza H1N1, two children hospitalized

        There are also two paediatric patients affected by influence of the type H1N1 is currently hospitalized in the department of pediatrics of the Santa Maria del Prato. There is the strictest of confidence on the part of the direction of the Usl on the cases in question. But you do understand that the conditions of the young patients are stable and at the time would not have placed the conditions to help save a life, such as intubation. The fact remains that since paediatric age, exposed to the risk of a complication fearsome as pneumonia, are immediately triggered the precautionary interventions with the hospitalisation and monitoring in hospital . The two young patients are positive results the microbiological testing of the H1N1


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          "Swine", another serious case to the hospital San Martino

          BELLUNO. A new case of influence "swine" to the hospital of Belluno. He is a man of 64 years that is located on hospitalized yesterday in the operational unit of Rianinazione of San Martino.L 'man, that was already suffering from other diseases and that was not vaccinated, had entered into tuesday evening to the emergency room for breathing problems. From here he was hospitalized in the department of pneumology, where however its conditions have worsened mainly under the pulmonary aspect.


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            Influenza, 6 died in Padua. 80 serious patients

            PADOVA. The flu continues to kill in Padua: deaths make up at six. A number that, according to the forecast, is expected to rise. The maximum peak seasonal virus spreading, indeed, is expected in late February. The victims. The victims so far were five adults and a child of two years. For them there was nothing to do: the flu virus has taken over causing serious complications that led to death. But struggled until the last, flanked by the professionalism of doctors and medical staff of the Resuscitation of Azienda Ospedaliera di Padova where they were hospitalized. All cases characterised by a strongly clinical picture worsened are reached via Giustiniani, at the two ICUs Istar, specialising in taking charge of the most critical patients. On six, two were healthy before getting sick



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              Influenza, Veneto 22 deaths and 77 severe cases

              the seasonal flu in the Veneto region, despite a decline in overall incidence (92.7 sick for 10 thousand inhabitants against the national average, 105.5), continues to hit hard and in monitored last week (19-25 January) has put to bed 45 thousand 667 people. Unfortunately, the counts of deaths has risen to 22 cases.This is revealed by the weekly report elaborated by the promotion and development of hygiene and public health in the region, elaborated on the basis of the reports of the Sentinel Network of doctors.Considering d age classes, there has been a new increase for those between 0 and 4 years (249.6 per 10 000) and between 5 and 14 years (144.5 for 10 thousand), while decreasing the cases in people between 14 and 65 years and among those over 65. From the beginning of the monitoring forms with complications were 124, with a mean age of 56 years and in equal number of men and women; 77 are considered serious cases, of which 69 hospitalized in intensive care and 8 Ecmo therapy.



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                Swine flu, the first death in Belluno

                BELLUNO. Is a 78-year-old woman, residing in de Pere, the first victim of the flu 'swine' recorded at the Hospital of Belluno. The second case in the province after the death last January 14, a sexagenarian, also of Sedico, at Santa Maria del Prato Feltre.Il's death surfaced Wednesday evening in infectious diseases Department of St. Martin, where the woman had been hospitalized last January 16 after the analyses carried out on the patient identified as having contracted the H1N1 influenza virus.



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                  Padova, a young sufferer of leukaemia takes the influenza and dies

                  PADOVA. One more victim of the flu. Non ce l'ha fatta Maksym Goncharuk, says Max, 27 years, originating in Ukraine but resident in Padua, in via Romana Aponense, herd. His physique, already tried by a disease that you wore behind now for six years, not manning shuddering H1N1 virus, also known as swine flu. After almost a month of hospitalization in intensive care, on Monday evening has expired.



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                    The number of flu deaths rises to 28

                    VENICE. Although you will have to wait a while to have the certainty, the seasonal flu epidemic in Italy seems to have passed its peak stage. In the last week monitored by Field Hygiene promotion and development and public health of the region (26 January-1 February), on the basis of data sent from the network of Sentinel physicians the incidence of the disease was to sick to 80.3 in ten thousand, a decrease of more than 10 points compared to the previous survey. Nevertheless, even this week are 39 560 thousand Veneto put to bed by the virus and, unfortunately, the counts of deaths has risen from 23 to 28. The report on the weekly report widespread influenza regional technicians. The incidence in Veneto fell considerably below the national one, set at 103.5 cases per 10,000 inhabitants and also it down. From the beginning of the monitoring to date have been reported 153 cases of complicated shapes, with an average age of 57 years and an even number of men and women. L 82% had pathology. Of these, 95 153 are considered severe cases with acute complications or acute respiratory distress syndromes. 84 patients had to be hospitalized in intensive care and 10 have had need for Ecmo treatment for the blood extracorporeal membrane oxygenation.



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                      Influenza on the decline, but the dead were 33

                      VENICE. On the basis of the data concerning the week from 2 to 8 February, seasonal flu in Veneto is having finally passed its peak phase. Although they are still put to bed other 30,589 Venetians, the incidence for 10 thousand inhabitants fell to 62.1 , a decline of twenty points in comparison to the previous week. Heavy the number of deaths, who reached 33 since the beginning of the monitoring, and very complicated cases, so far 157, 99 of which classified as major, with 88 in the ICU and 11 patients very serious subjected to the therapy of extracorporeal oxygenation with the Ecmo technology.

                      Http:// /REGIONE/2015/02/12/NEWS/INFLUENZA -in-decline-but-the-dead-have-been-33-1.10851287


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                        Flu, 35 dead

                        VENEZIA. Seasonal flu 2014-2015 has definitively passed the peak, which occurred in the third week of January. However, in the week of 9 to 15 February, he put to bed other 24,459 veneti. The incidence is further decreased by about 10 points to 49.6 patients per 10,000 inhabitants, with decreases in all age groups.Unfortunately, compared with last week, has risen to 35 count the deaths, with 169 cases complicated by the beginning of the season, 103 of which are very serious, with 97 in intensive care admissions and 11 serious patients subjected to therapy 'Ecmo for extracorporeal membrane oxygenation of the blood. These are the highlights of the latest report on the progress of the flu in Veneto, branched from the promotion and development of hygiene and public health in the region.



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                          VENETO: 40 FATALITIES AND 185 SERIOUS CASES

                          Seasonal flu in Veneto starts the conclusion, though still, in the last week of April monitored by Sector Promotion and Development hygiene and public health in the region, it has recorded an incidence of 6.3 sick for 10 thousand inhabitants, approximately 3,100 people still affected by the virus. This can be seen from the ratio of the system for monitoring the flu season 2014-2015 of the Veneto Region, Today.reports widespread incidence rate appears to be falling in all age groups and it is expected that this "tail" of influenza is for esaurirsi.dall 'beginning of the surveillance (13 October 2014) have been recorded 40 deaths (the highest number of the last 10 years), 185 Cases of complicated shapes (the 83.7 % in subjects with inherited diseases), of which 110 serious (104 in the ICU and 11 submitted to the extracorporeal oxygenation of the blood with the Ecmo technology). The average age of the deceased was 64 years old, with a death of a baby between zero and 4 years, 17 band in 15-64 years, and 22 among the over 65.adherence rate vaccination is estimated with a fall of about 5% as compared to the previous season, when it was 58.5 %, given considered already low by engineering.