Four-year-old's chemotherapy appointment cancelled due to lack of beds
Crumlin children’s hospital postponed treatment for R?ilt?n Reid because of flu surge
about 13 hours ago
Jade Wilson

A mother whose four-year-old daughter’s cancer treatment was postponed again this week has described the lack of available beds in hospitals as a “chronic problem”.

Ciara Reid’s daughter R?ilt?n, who was diagnosed with leukaemia almost two years ago, was scheduled to have a chemotherapy session on Friday but the appointment was postponed the evening before.

Crumlin children’s hospital in Dublin told Ms Reid it had been forced to postpone R?ilt?n’s admission due to rising bed demand caused by a surge in flu cases.

“The sort of chemo R?ilt?n was due to have has to be done under general anaesthetic which means she has to be starved. She has an issue maintaining her sugar levels, so I always ring the day before to make sure a glucose direct is written up for her. When I rang and spoke to the nurse manager she told me they didn’t have a slot,” Ms Reid said...