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Ireland: Four people die after suspected H1N1 outbreak

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  • Ireland: Four people die after suspected H1N1 outbreak


    Four people die after suspected 'swine flu' outbreak
    Conor McCrave
    January 4 2019 3:30 PM

    Up to four people have died following a new suspected outbreak of the H1N1 flu strain also known as the swine flu, according to the HSE.

    The HSE has confirmed it has identified the H1N1 flu strain in a number of patients and warned it expects more people will be affected in the coming weeks.

    Signs of the virus vary in severity and include symptoms ranging from aches and pains and a chesty cough to sneezing or a loss of appetite.

    However, in more severe cases symptoms can escalate leading to more serious conditions such as pneumonia.

    Dr Kevin Kelleher, the HSE?s Assistant National Director for Public Health said the strain had been identified in up to four people who had died and is likely to be discovered in more patients in the coming wees...