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81-year old Icelandic dies from H1N1 brings total to 2

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  • 81-year old Icelandic dies from H1N1 brings total to 2

    Tvö látin úr svínaflensu

    Innlent | | 26.11.2009 | 15:39

    Tveir einstaklingar, 18 ára stúlka og 81 árs karlmaður hafa látist vegna staðfestrar inflúensu A(H1N1), svonefndrar svínaflensu, eða fylgikvilla í kjölfar sýkingarinnar. Stúlkan lést 19. október og maðurinn lést 20. nóvember, bæði voru með alvarlega undirliggjandi sjúkdóma.

    Áætlað að 60 þúsund manns hafi smitast

    Frá 29. júní – 22. nóvember hafa alls 9456 einstaklingar greinst með inflúensulík einkenni, þar af eru 4323 karlar og 5133 konur.

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    Re: 81-year old Icelandic dies from H1N1 brings total to 2

    google translated

    Two died from swine flu

    Two individuals, 18 years old girl and 81 year male have died because sta­festrar influenza A (H1N1), the so-called swine flu, or complications following infection.

    The girl died on 19th October and the man died 20th November, both had severe underlying disease.

    In the last week identified a total of 250 individuals with symptoms infl˙ensulÝk under registration health care, a continued reduction in cases compared to the previous taken weeks, according to the website of the Directorate of Health. Cases dropped both in the capital and in rural areas.

    Estimated that 60 thousand people were infected

    From 29th June - 22 November 9456 have all individuals diagnosed with infl˙ensulÝk symptoms, including 4323 men and 5133 women. Still identified relatively more children aged 0-9 years with infl˙ensulÝk symptoms, under diagnosed in other age groups and by sextugt fewer cases significantly.

    Estimated total number infected in the community is about 60 thousand people. When the total number infected is estimated to be assumed that part infl˙ensulÝkra symptoms are actually other respiratory infections, and only part of sřkjast seek medical advice. These sizes are not fully known to cause any uncertainty, we estimate the total number infected, according to the website of the Directorate of Health.

    On 22nd November. had a total of 698 individuals diagnosed with influenza A (H1N1) in Iceland, which was confirmed at Virology Division Hospital. As there were 344 men and 354 women. Last week, infection was confirmed in seven subjects, a reduction compared to recent weeks. Samples sent in the diagnosis of swine flu constantly falling and the ratio of positive displays.

    180 hosdpitalised on a two month period

    Of 23 September to 22nd November nearly 180 people have been placed into the hospital with suspected influenza or confirmed influenza A (H1N1). Most have been placed into the hospital, or about 130, of which total 20 individuals have been on gj÷rgŠsludeild LandspÝtalans.

    On 25th November innliggjandi were five patients with influenza in hospital, which was one of intensive care. A total of 26 individuals have lagst into the hospital in Akureyri for influenza, which has been one of gj÷rgŠsludeild. Ten people have been placed on health Su­urnesja. Individual Deposit have other health institutions. There were two of the hospital in Vestmannaeyjar and Neskaupsta­ and one Bl÷nduˇsi, Akureyri and Egilsstadir, according to the website of the Directorate of Health.

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