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Greece: Hospitals fill up with flu patients as virus takes toll - 118 fatalities and 340 seriuos cases

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  • Greece: Hospitals fill up with flu patients as virus takes toll - 118 fatalities and 340 seriuos cases

    With mortalities from the flu reportedly so far exceeding 40 in Greece since October, hundreds of people with symptoms of the H1N1 virus are reportedly arriving at state hospitals which are struggling to prevent its spread among medical staff.
    “The last time the Georgios Gennimatas Hospital was on duty, half of Athens turned up,” the president of the union of Athens and Piraeus hospital doctors, Matina Pagoni, told Kathimerini.
    “People are panicking and come in with the slightest of symptoms,” she said, adding that many people are forced to wait for hours outside hospital emergency units. “If they don’t have the flu, they are at risk of contracting it. If they do have it, they may give to other patients,” Pagoni explained.
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    Greece: Nearly 60 die of flu in past three months

    Fifty-six people have died of flu caused by a strain of influenza A known as H1N1 in Greece in the past three months, country's disease control agency said Friday.
    The country's Center for Disease Control and Prevention said the number of flu cases has significantly risen in the last days.
    The agency said in just a week, 18 people died in intensive care.
    It also urged people to get vaccinated.


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      Influenza Claims 74 Lives in Greece So Far This Year

      Seventy four people have died of influenza complications so far this year in Greece according to the Greek Center for Disease Control and Prevention (KEELPNO), which published its latest figures on Thursday.
      The number of Greek citizens who lost their lives due to the winter influenza outbreak as of last week was fifty six.
      A total of eighteen people have succumbed to the flu during the last seven days. This flu season has turned out to be one of the worst years for flu-related deaths ever recorded in the country.
      The flu virus strain called H1N1, which has hit the country this winter, seems to be especially lethal for people who already have existing medical conditions.


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        Flu death toll rises to 91 as another 17 people die
        NEWS28.02.2019 : 17:24

        The death toll from what is turning out to be a particularly bad flu season has climbed to 91, data for the week of February 18-24 from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (KEELPNO) showed Thursday.

        The figures showed that 17 people died of flu-related causes in that period. Of the 91 people to have died since October, 61 were men and 30 were women, with an average age of 64.8. Ninety-seven percent had contracted Type A influenza.
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          One-Hundred Eleven Die from Influenza in Greece This Year

          Twenty more citizens died from influenza complications last week in Greece, according to the Greek Center for Disease Control and Prevention (KEELPNO), which published its latest figures on Thursday.
          A total of one hundred and eleven patients have succumbed to the infectious disease since the beginning of this year’s winter flu season. This makes this winter one of the worst flu seasons in Greece’s history.
          KEELPNO has updated the nation on the influenza outbreak every week over the last few months. An new announcement is expected to be made next Thursday, March 14, with hopes that the rising trend in deaths from the flu will finally begin to recede.
          According to KEELPNO’s latest figures, ninety-nine out of the one hundred and eleven people who died were hospitalized in intensive care units, with only twelve of the victims being treated in regular hospital units.
          So far, a total of 337 people across the nation have been diagnosed with severe flu this winter in Greece, with 325 individuals transferred into intensive care units across the country’s public and private hospitals.


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            118 deaths from the flu

            The flu has been recessed in the last week, but seven people still died of the virus, bringing the tragic account of the victims to 118. More specifically, as reported by HCDCP, out of the 111 who were last week, the deaths from influenza complications reached 118. Also, from the outbreak of influenza epidemiological observation until last Sunday, 340 people have been hospitalized in ICU due to influenza, while 3 patients were introduced last week to Intensive. In detail, HCDCP in its communication points out:

            During week 10/2019 (04-10 March 2019), visits to a flu-like physician show a decrease compared to last week 9/2019. - During the week of 10/2019 (04-10 March 2019), Influenza Laboratories tested a total of 203 clinical samples for influenza viruses, all from hospitals. The 52 (25.6%) of these were positive for influenza A viruses. The 45 A-type strains were subtyped, of which 17 (37.8%) belonged to subtype A (H3N2) and 28 (62, 2%) in subtype A (H1N1) pdm09.
            - From week 40/2018 to week 10/2019 (04-10 March 2019), 353 cases of laboratory confirmed influenza were recorded, of which 340 were hospitalized at the Meth. Of these, vaccinated cases were 53 (16%). A total of 118 deaths from laboratory confirmed influenza were recorded in the same period. The 105 deaths were related to patients with hospitalization in the ICU and 13 to patients without hospitalization at the MHC.
            - Based on the above, influenza activity in Greece is declining. The predominant subtype is A (H1N1) pdm09. The importance of influenza vaccination is emphasized as the best way to prevent influenza.