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France: Seasonal flu cases on the rise

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    Influenza epidemic: deaths continue to rise

    ByMathilde Debry

    After five weeks of an unusually late rise in the flu epidemic for the season, deaths continue to rise in France.

    Published on 04.14.2022 at 12:30 p.m. | |


    The flu is a highly contagious viral infection that can be serious in the most fragile people.
    Influenza epidemics usually occur each year in France during the fall and winter.
    After five weeks of increases, the flu epidemic is stabilizing but deaths continue to increase, according to the latest report from Public Health France .

    SOS Médecins consultations are stable

    For the past week, the rate of consultations for flu-like illness estimated from Sentinel Network data was 247/100,000 inhabitants, a figure down from the previous week. "This decline was observed in all age groups," add public health experts.

    The proportion of flu-like illnesses among SOS Médecins consultations is stable. On the other hand, "the share of hospitalizations for influenza or influenza-like illness is slightly increasing", notes Public Health France. "This increase concerns all age groups, except 45-64 year olds," adds the health agency.

    368 flu deaths

    The share of flu-related deaths also continues to rise. "Among the 118,428 deaths declared in mainland France by electronic certificate, 368 (0.31%) were declared with a mention of influenza", specify the scientists. The regions that reported the highest shares of deaths are Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (1.21%), Bourgogne-Franche-Comté (1.24%), Hauts-de-France (1.16%). ), Pays de la Loire (0.96%) and Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (0.95%).

    Vaccination coverage estimates as of February 28 among those at risk were 52.6%, or 56.8% among those 65 or older and 34.3% among those under 65. "These data indicate higher vaccination coverage than estimated for the 2019-2020 season, but lower than last year," concludes Public Health France.

    Après cinq semaines d’une hausse inhabituellement tardive de l'épidémie de grippe pour la saison, les décès continuent d'augmenter en France. .

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    Ariane Pollaert and Laurene Rocheteau
    the 04/06/2022 at 11:21

    With the end of mask wearing, pharmacies are facing a return of the flu. In the Lafayette pharmacy in the 9th arrondissement of Marseille, a hundred customers present themselves every day with flu-like symptoms.

    Léa, a 5th grade student, comes to perform a Covid test at the Lafayette Belfontaine pharmacy in the 9th arrondissement of Marseille. But like 80% of the tests carried out in this pharmacy, it comes back negative.

    “If she has symptoms, fever, body aches, see the doctor, but it will be more of a flu than a Covid,” advises Cathy Taillandier, pharmacist.

    Of the 600 daily customers of the pharmacy, a hundred present each day with flu-like symptoms. Throat and head words, fever, the symptoms are easily confused with the Covid, except that they are often more marked during a flu. "It's unbearable," says Léa. "We have aches, we are sick, it's not very pleasant."

    A return of the flu with the end of wearing a mask
    In recent weeks, the number of flu cases continues to increase across the country. Public Health France reports that last week, flu cases represented 24.4% of consultations carried out by SOS Médecins in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region.

    With the end of the compulsory wearing of the mask , Cathy Taillandier noticed an upsurge in cases of flu.

    "They are all affected," she says. "Children in college, the elderly, active people... The flu does not make anyone jealous, it affects everyone."

    Avec la fin du port du masque, les pharmarcies font face à un retour de la grippe. Dans la pharmacie Lafayette du 9e arrondissement de Marseille, une centaine de clients se présentent chaque jour avec des symptômes grippaux.

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    The flu epidemic continues to intensify in all regions of mainland France - Ludovic MARIN
    MAR 30, 2022
    Update 30.03.2022 at 14:00 AFP

    The flu epidemic continues to rise, unusually late in the season, in all regions of the metropolis, according to the weekly report from Public Health France, published on Wednesday.

    Last week, "almost all flu indicators were still on the rise in mainland France", indicates the public health agency, specifying that "all metropolitan areas and all age groups" are concerned.

    In city medicine as in hospitals, flu-related activity increased again last week, while remaining at a “moderate” level.

    At the hospital, 8,918 visits to the emergency room for flu or flu syndrome were thus recorded (+ 29% over one week), and 908 hospitalizations after passage (+ 22%).

    In Overseas France, Guyana has entered the post-epidemic phase.

    On the mortality side, “a marked increase in the share of flu-related deaths from the electronic certification system has been observed” for several weeks.

    Usually, the peak of this epidemic caused by respiratory influenza viruses is reached around February.

    The late resumption of influenza this year may be linked to poorer herd immunity to this epidemic, according to virologists. In winter 2020-2021, the French were indeed less infected than usual, because the anti-Covid containment measures blocked the circulation of many other viruses.

    In addition, the intensification of recent weeks is "very likely favored by the easing of control measures for the Covid-19 pandemic", notes Public Health France on Wednesday, in unison with other specialists who have pointed the finger the lifting of the mandatory mask in almost all places closed since March 14.

    “Vaccination and respect for barrier gestures remain the best means of protecting yourself from the flu”, recalls the health agency.

    Just over half (about 51.4%) of people at risk, those over 65 and vulnerable people, have been vaccinated against the flu, according to estimates.

    This vaccine "shield" has limits.

    The flu vaccination started a little over five months ago, raising questions among some specialists about the level of protection now.

    In addition, the effectiveness of the 2021-2022 influenza vaccine is estimated at 52% against all influenza viruses, according to initial data. “Several viral strains are currently circulating in mainland France and a majority of them are not related to the strains present in the vaccine”, notes the health agency.

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    Salome Robles

    the03/23/2022 at 12:57

    Epidemic situation of influenza on March 23, 2022. - Public Health France

    This year, the outbreak of the epidemic is particularly late and affects the entire metropolitan territory.

    In its weekly report published on Wednesday, Public Health France notes a “continued increase in all flu indicators” during the past week. The flu epidemic has now spread to all metropolitan areas. Corsica had hitherto been spared.

    On the whole territory, the incidence rate of the flu increased by 51% in one week. Data from city medicine and hospitals are on the rise. This week, 727 people were hospitalized with the flu. Since the start of surveillance, 195 serious cases of influenza have been admitted to intensive care, including 20 last week.

    Late epidemic

    After a first increase in the number of cases at the end of 2021, a second wave of influenza is therefore underway. A particularly late flight. In recent years, the peak of the epidemic rather took place during February. The current rise has most likely been favored by the end of school holidays and the easing of restrictive measures to combat the Covid-19 pandemic .

    The current epidemic remains however below the levels observed in 2019-2020, and especially 2018-2019 where it had been very strong. Winter 2020-2021 was special, due to containment measures. They had, by extension, made it possible to block the circulation of many other microbes, such as the flu virus. The health authorities are thus calling for the continued application of barrier gestures.


    Flu epidemiological bulletin, week 11. Season 2021-2022.

    Posted on March 23, 2022
    Updated on March 23, 2022

    Key points

    In metropolitan France

    Continued increase in overall influenza indicators

    All regions in epidemic with the passage of Corsica in epidemic in S11

    Predominance of the A(H3N2) virus compared to A(H1N1) pdm09

    First influenza vaccine efficacy data available, with an estimate of 50% against all influenza viruses, all ages combined

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    The flu is back: "we had forgotten about it but one in two patients who have a fever at the moment has the flu"

    Published on03/16/2022 at 6:01 p.m.
    Written byAlexandra Huctin

    Symptoms are difficult to differentiate from Covid

    We thought less about it for two years. It must be said that the masks have considerably helped us to keep it at a distance. But the flu has returned in recent days with its procession of headaches, body aches and fever.

    Without hesitating for a second, he confirms the information, the flu is here! The president of Sos Médecins Caen is affirmative: "We only see that at the moment. People who have a headache, who have body aches with a high fever. But it's impossible for us to know like that, if it's it's about the flu or the Covid."

    However since the beginning of March, "one time out of two it's the flu", explains Dr Jean-Paul Karentetchef. To determine this, an antigen test can assess the situation. "We have them on us, we test immediately and we have the result in stride ". In other regions of France, combined tests are sometimes used, which immediately determine which virus it is.

    Late flu that goes with the relief of measures

    Since March 2020 and the entry of Covid into our lives, we had forgotten about the flu. Masks, teleworking, confinements and barrier gestures had pushed it back to the rank of “distant diseases”. All observers have noted it, flu and gastro have practically no effect in 2020 and 2021.

    The end of the wearing of the mask is likely to reverse the trend in 2022.

    This Wednesday, March 16, two days after the end of the compulsory wearing of the mask (except in public transport), the epidemiological bulletin of Public Health France alerts on a hexagon in the red for the week of March 6 to 13. The whole of France is in a situation of an influenza epidemic while Normandy has already been in this situation since the beginning of March.

    In one week the number of consultations doubled.

    Public Health France

    "The rate of consultations for flu-like illness estimated from Sentinel Network data is 146 per 100,000 inhabitants, up sharply from the previous week which was 75 per 100,000." An increase observed in all age groups, but 15/64 year olds are the most affected.

    The network's experts point out: "This intensification of the circulation of influenza viruses occurs late in the winter season, probably favored by the end of the winter school holidays in all regions, and the current reduction in control measures for the COVID-19 pandemic."

    It should be remembered that the systematic adoption of barrier gestures and influenza vaccination are effective means of protecting against influenza and its complications.

    Public health France

    The number of hospitalizations for severe cases of influenza is also on the rise. Cases (rare) of influenza and Sars-cov2 co-infection have been observed.

    On y pensait moins depuis deux ans. Il faut dire que les masques nous ont considérablement aidé à la tenir à distance. Mais la grippe est de retour ces derniers jours avec son cortège de maux de tête, courbatures et fièvre.

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    France: Seasonal flu cases on the rise


    Flu. The epidemic is brewing in France
    Delores Health 30 minutes ago

    The flu epidemic is brewing in France, where two metropolitan regions are now in the pre-epidemic phase, according to the weekly report from the French public health agency.

    For the week of December 6, the health agency notes a “Upward trend in influenza indicators for the 4th consecutive week, at levels comparable to those usually observed at this time of the year”.

    Occitanie and Ile-de-France in a pre-epidemic situation

    During this week, Ile-de-France went into a pre-epidemic phase, thus joining Occitanie.

    Overseas, Réunion was already in this case and Mayotte has been in an epidemic phase for nearly two months....

    ...The French have been less infected than usual and are therefore less immunized collectively, which raises fears of a stronger epidemic this year...

    ...Since November, the bronchiolitis epidemic has hit all regions of metropolitan France, where it is currently continuing “At a high level” according to Public Health France. This is also the case in Guadeloupe...