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France - A teenager from Pas-de-Calais dies of flu

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  • France - A teenager from Pas-de-Calais dies of flu

    The death of a teenager of 14 years of the continuations of a malignant influenza occurs at the point where the seasonal flu epidemic is now booming in metropolitan France, according to the monitoring Sentinel-Inserm network. And after a report by the Institute of health surveillance (InVS) released in 2009, malignant influenza would be linked to distress syndromes acute respiratory (SARS) caused by virus A (H1N1) 2009, mostly attributed to a viral pneumonia. Some monitoring networks have saved 15 to 20 times more admissions in the ICU for viral pneumonia A(H1N1) in 2009 than in previous years. Malignant influenza remains outstanding for seasonal flu and this form is not exclusive of the only virus A (H1N1) but may occur with other strains.

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    Arras: A 14 year old boy died of "a malignant flu," the epidemic update

    PUBLISHED 30/01/2015

    Earlier this week, a young 14 year old boy enrolled at the College of Louez-Dieu, died of a severe form of the flu. The epidemic is growing rapidly in the region and has not yet reached its peak.

    Sylvie Haeghebaert, an epidemiologist at the Institute of Health Surveillance, help us to make the point.

    - Where are we in the flu epidemic in the region?

    "The epidemic has started, it is no secret! Influenza viruses are present significantly since late December. During school holidays, flu continued to circulate at low noise. The resumption of the school contributed to the outbreak. The epidemic is on the increase. But probably has not reached the peak. This should not settle before the February holidays.

    - Is the flu more "virulent" this year?

    "No more than usual. In the region, three strains are circulating: influenza B, influenza A H1N1 and influenza A H3N2. It is the latter which is the very large majority this year. This is a classic virus. What is less known is that this year, the H3N2 strain has mutated. It has changed compared to the one used for vaccine manufacture. The vaccine is less effective.

    -Is the vaccine any worth?

    "The vaccine is less effective for one strain. It does not pose any problem for the others. And it reduces the risk of developing severe flu.
    - A young boy of 14 years died ...

    "There are very severe flu, like the one he suffered. There are individual factors of response to the strain, which are totally unpredictable. This is called a malignant flu.
    No psychosis at Louez-Dieu

    At the college Louez-Dieu in Anzin-Saint-Aubin, the team, shattered, took every precaution after the death of a young boy of 14 years following a severe flu earlier this week.

    After consulting the inspectorate and the Health Watch Institute, no special device disinfection was indeed to be set up.

    Classes are normally held despite the emotion generated by the drama. A psychological cell was set up this week. A time of recollection took place on Friday.
    "Safety and security don't just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear."
    -Nelson Mandela