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The epidemic of influenza 103 deaths in metropolitan France

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  • The epidemic of influenza 103 deaths in metropolitan France

    PARIS � L epidemic of influenza is going down in metropolitan France, according to network Sentries of l Inserm which assesses the number of affected persons at more than 2 millions in eight weeks, while l Institute of health wakefulness InVS takes a census of a total of 103 deaths. Besides the 63 deceases identified by the surveillance of serious cases, 6 deceases of influenza at home were spontaneously signalled in l? InVS, as well as 10 hospital deceases declared by electronic certification, according to the last put online newsletter on Wednesday. The surveillance of deceases n? am not exhaustive, reminds l InVS.La last week, l impact of cases of influenzal syndromes seen by the general practitioners was estimated at 387 cases for 100.000 inhabitants that is 245.000 new cases, always above the infectious threshold 161 cases for 100.000, according to network Sentries. Level d activity should continue diminishing this week, he estimates. Seventeen regions had exceeded the infectious threshold last week: Limousin 950 cases for 100.000 inhabitants, Auvergne 920, Rhône-Alps 792, Provence-Alpes-Côte-d Azur 583, Languedoc-Roussillon 490, Poitou-Charentes 467, Alsace 432, Champagne-Ardenne 427, Frank - County 337,
    Brittany 337, Centers 331, Aquitaine 323, Lorraine 282, Ile-de-France 195, Pays-de-la-Loire 190, Picardy 168 and Midi-Pyrénées 161 .En eight weeks d epidemic, 2.086.000 persons would have consulted their general practitioner for an influenza, to an estimate of network Sentries which takes into account only influenza with fever d violent appearance exceeding 39 degrees. For his/her part the network of the Hot toddy regional Groups d observation of the influenza, which does not take into account this restriction, respect that influenza A and B has already touched 7 million persons since the beginning of l .Selon epidemic Hot toddy, l epidemic of influenza A drops in all regions, while l epidemic of influenza B seems to have attained its peak .Le number of serious accepted cases in intensive care follows its reduction, according to l InVS which accepted 611 portrayals since the beginning of surveillance. The majority of serious cases were infected by a virus A H1N1, n am vaccinated and introduce a risk factor, underlines l InVS. However, 37 % of these serious cases n have no risk factor. As regards gastroenteritis, Sentries network raises an activity softened last week.
    L impact of cases of high-pitched diarrhea seen by the general practitioners was estimated at 225 cases for 100.000 inhabitants, downstairs of the infectious threshold 264 for 100.000.