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Finland: 5 fatalities, 30+ in ICU so far this winter

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  • Finland: 5 fatalities, 30+ in ICU so far this winter

    Swine Flu Threat Still Looms
    published today 11:50 AM, updated today 12:12 PM

    Swine flu vaccinations and their recently confirmed links with narcolepsy continue to grab headlines in Finland. Five people have died of the virus so far during the current epidemic.

    Although the effects of the H1N1 virus are said to be smaller than first feared, five people in Finland so far this winter have died of the disease and more than 30 have ended up in intensive care.

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    Re: Finland: 5 fatalities, 30+ in ICU so far this winter

    Two swine flu patients in intensive care

    Two-H?me P?ij?t patients have been since the weekend in intensive care sairastuttuaan swine flu. Both were based in good health and neither had been vaccinated against the H1N1 virus.

    The second patient is treated in P?ij?t-H?me Central Hospital and another at Tampere University sairaalassa.Infektiol??k?ri Ville Lehtinen, according to the swine flu patients has not been very much, but the disease has been surprisingly raju.Tampereella the patient is transferred to the ECMO treatment of his blood is oxidized outside the body in the rest of the country keuhkokoneessa.My?s There are several cases of H1N1 infection has been taken of patients in intensive care. Most were not members of groups at risk, but have been perusterveit?.P?ij?t Hame is on the move B influenza, which is the severity of ordinary flu category. Influenza is a normal flu, however, harder problems.