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Epidemiology: the incidence of influenza so far is average, but we must be alert Source: Current camera "| Published: 01/07/2011 22:03:00

. Experience in long-term observations to predict that the peak of seasonal diseases will occur in late February - early March, said in an interview with topical cell "Adviser in Epidemiology, Department of Health Kuulo Kutsar.

He said that the current "flu season", which began in October, shows while the average incidence rate, and the differences between the situation with the disease last year and current conditions - huge.

If this year the situation with influenza, acute respiratory infections and inflammations of the upper respiratory tract can be described as quiet, but last year during the same period of time around the world already, including in Estonia, there was a flu pandemic.

"At the beginning of December 2009 marked a very high incidence of so-called new virus A H1N1.

This season we celebrate the circulation of the virus, which emerged last year, that is the same pandemic virus, but this year we do not call this pandemic, but merely seasonal. It turned into a seasonal virus, "- said Kutsar.

He added that those people who in the past year chickenpox influenza A H1N1 acquired immunity to the virus.

"But this immunity is very narrow - only to the virus, while at the same time, we and others are circulating influenza A viruses and influenza B", - stressed Kuulo Kutsar.

Since the beginning of flu season in Estonia registered 26 cases of influenza A H1N1.

"This is a little", - noted epidemiologist, noting that at the same time it indicates that people should be wary, as the virus continues to circulate.

He recalled that the main way to avoid the disease - to get vaccinated.