Despite the fact that the illness last week was largely related to other respiratory viirusnakkustega can not yet estimate gripihooaega terviseameti declared closed. Last week, the upper respiratory tract illness viirusnakkustesse 3069 people, which is nine percentage points lower than the week before last. The number of influenza prevalence has declined 20 percent võrraSuurem part haigestunuist continue until 5 years of age, but they will be among the number of illnesses langema.Terviseameti studies show that in Estonia, circulated at the same time a number of viruses that cause respiratory virus infections. Influenza viruses, the proportion is significantly reduced, while substantially increased respiratory süntsütiaalse (RS) virus in the document. Ninth day of the week was a positive confirmation of influenza A, three samples, two of them were H1N1 and influenza B 1. Influenza season is beginning terviseameti diseases studied in the laboratory sample of a new influenza agent in 2499. 881 has received a positive confirmation of a new influenza A (H1N1) samples.