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Czech Republic: Type A H1N1 virus has caused 8 deaths

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  • Czech Republic: Type A H1N1 virus has caused 8 deaths

    January 10 the Polish neighboring country Czech Republic medical department issued the warning, Type A H1N1 (swine flu) virus outbreak, has caused 8 dead, 55 people of critically ill nursed. Czech FM spokesman said that the virus spread in our side. We must make the worst preparation. The patient quantity of A/H1N1 virus is growing at the swift and violent speed. The doctor introduced that the Type A H1N1 virus general sickness sends sickness is the pneumonia, strongly in middle and old aged age scope. At present some hospitals have forbidden to visit patient, appealed that everybody avoids little going to the public places as far as possible.

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    Re: Czech Republic: Type A H1N1 virus has caused 8 deaths

    The most sick with the flu is in the South Bohemia. Hospital proclaimed the ban on visits

    Patients with severe flu shall carry out the hospital. The worst situation, it is in Central Bohemia and in South Bohemia, where it is admitted to hospital with disease virus and almost as many people, as in the rest Republic. Some hospital proclaimed the ban on visits, the other, the added.

    The hospital in České Budějovice, Český Krumlov, camp, Jindřichův Hradec and Strakonice I declared for flu until further notice the ban on visits. your close relatives I cannot see or relatives in the house for elderly in chvalkově to trhosvinensku.
    The spreading epidemic, the other medical equipment gradually to a ban on attached. Home may not on the weekend or patients in the pass. The only exception is the members electoral komimse, who come in the sick to the hospital.
    "In the center we both 12 hospitalised patients with the virus type A. In Thursday it's 17 patients. Swine flu virus H1N1 has been established for the three of them," said a spokesman for české hospital Jan Dušek.
    In accordance with farmakologie was in the hospital one woman, who was in the long term sick, and she had weakened immune system flu succumbed. For a long had the flu with a very heavy progress, in a large complaining about the people, who treated at home.
    They are weakening and they can't get rid high temperatures. The worst situation, it is in České Budějovice. "I'm home for 12 days, and I'll take the second antibiotics. I've got five pounds less, and she could I have become infected her husband, brother, and his girlfriend.
    so miserable me the flu has never been," she said Marie tomanova.