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Czech Republic: virus A/H1N1 circulates again

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  • Czech Republic: virus A/H1N1 circulates again

    In the Czech Republic has been reported two cases so-called pig influenza. A woman and a man in a very heavy able are currently in the branch intensive therapy Hospital Medical Academy in Prague.

    Communication from the hospital, state both patients is serious. Presence of the virus and/circulation confirmed the laboratory tests-inform official. plTzw. pig influenza at Czech Republic in 2009, died then 102 persons.,126589,8.html

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    Re: Czech Republic: virus A/H1N1 circulates again

    PRAGUE, Dec. 29 (Xinhua) -- The condition of two H1N1 flu, also known as swine flu, patients hospitalized in Prague's General Teaching Hospital (VFN) remains extremely critical, VFN spokeswoman Petra Pekarova said on Saturday.

    According to the hospital, the two patients, one man and one woman, were both hooked up to life-supporting apparatuses. They are suffering from pneumonia and are treated with antivirotics.

    The man was admitted to the hospital on December 23 and the woman one day earlier. Both the patients were obese which makes them prone to complications.

    But Pekarova said there is no swine flu pandemic in the country.


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      Re: Czech Republic: virus A/H1N1 circulates again

      Patients with the pig-flu, lying in the Prague General Hospital, are in stable physical condition. The man and woman but continue to remain in the department ARO. Partly it was the heavy pneumonia, which both suffer from.
      The doctors therefore continues to be submitted as antibiotics, so lék Mexico.
      "Two of them belongs to risk category patients, overweight, smokers, kardiak after the operation. So for this reason swine flu for them, also began.
      each other, they don't know, they are not a relative," she said)A spokesman for hospital Peter pekařová.