Swine influenza has claimed another life, confirmed on Tuesday from the National Centre for Influenza. This is a man aged 46, who was treated at the Clinic for Infectious Diseases' immune response, according to HTV. In the Split hospital doctors are fighting for the life of a man who has problems with weight. Man (43), who suffers from swine flu, life is threatened and treated in the intensive care unit of the Split hospital.

The patient was on Monday due to complications, was transferred to ICU and the doctors are fighting for his life. Does not belong to any risk group, and the only risk factor is obesity him, "said Nicholas Bradarić, the Department of Infectious Diseases Clinical Hospital Split for 24 hours.

Through the Emergency Clinic Hospital Split of 19 December passed the 320 patients with symptoms of flu. A total of 41 of them hospitalized, and at present is the 18th hospital