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A man died in Zagreb, two hospitalized

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  • A man died in Zagreb, two hospitalized

    Last few days in Croatia, there was a larger number of cases of swine flu, a new season of the H1N1 virus has already taken its first victim. 60-year-old man died last week at the Zagreb University Hospital for Infectious Diseases after there was a complication of diseases. So far two people in Croatia have been hospitalized due to swine flu.
    'We can not at this point to know how many people are infected with influenza, because a large part of the infected patients develop the classic image of the flu, and not even contact a doctor, and only those which appear to be registered. However, how the flu is just beginning, and report the illness to arrive a week late, there's no sense talking about a large number of patients at this time based on the application. ', We are told from the Institute of Public Health.
    According to unofficial information, now fifty patients, and from the Institute says that according to information from the field, a grouping of diseases that clinically resemble the flu in the family and children's collectives.
    Vaccination is still possible and it is recommended, especially people with chronic illnesses and the elderly.