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In Croatia three cases of swine flu

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  • In Croatia three cases of swine flu

    Two women and one man, aged 26, 35 and 55 are registered in the last month as infected with H1N1 influenza, also known as swine flu in Croatia.

    Croatian Institute of Public Health reported that the flu virus found in saliva and the three people.

    According to Bruno Tolar, head of the Institute of Intensive Medicine and Department of Infectious Diseases at the Medical Faculty in Zagreb, swine flu has now become a normal seasonal influenza, and there is no need to panic. All three have the common symptoms of influenza and no one was in the hospital, he said.

    This year, seasonal flu vaccine protects against the new strain because the suggestion of the World Health Organization substance for immunization against influenza virus H1N1 is one of the three components of the vaccine.

    Croatian media coverage of the slučejevima swine influenza in Serbia.