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Croatia: two patients died with symptoms of influenza H1N1

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  • Croatia: two patients died with symptoms of influenza H1N1

    In the last 24 hours Clinical Center Banja Luka reported three novooboljela of H1N1, saopćeno from the Institute for Health Protection RS. One patient is currently in intensive medicine unit of the Clinical Center of Banja Luka and connected to the respiratore. "The other two patients were initially treated because of abdominal surgical diseases, and their general condition rapidly deteriorated during the postoperative period. Tested the 'quick test' to the H1N1 virus and were positive. Shortly after the patients have died. "Since all three patient samples were taken and sent to the Institute for virusologiju" Torlak in Belgrade on the confirmation analysis of the H1N1. The statement of the Institute stated that the total number of patients in the RS of H1N1 to date is 501 Total number currently hospitalizovanih RS of H1N1 flu and similar illnesses, seven, and the total number of confirmed deaths in the pandemic influenza A (H1N1) is three.