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First swine flu related death in Croatia

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  • First swine flu related death in Croatia


    First swine flu related death in Croatia
    31 October 2009 | 16:35 | Source: Tanjug

    ZAGREB -- A 61 year-old patient died in Split on Saturday after battling a severe case of the swine flu, becoming the first victim of the virus in Croatia.

    The patient had a bad case of pneumonia and was breathing with the help of a respirator for several days before passing, according to local media.

    Over 1,000 people have been infected with the swine flu in Croatia thus far, most in the capital of Zagreb. 140 have been infected with the virus in Split.

    One 35 year-old prisoner is also suspected of having contracted the virus, though it has not been proven with laboratory results yet.

    One private high school was closed as well after 60 of the 160 students fell ill.

    Epidemiologist Mladen Smoljanović from Split said that he expects that in between 20 and 60 people will die as a result of the swine flu in Croatia, mostly those who were already sick.

    Smoljanović said that he based his predictions on statistics from the southern hemisphere, where the epidemic has ended since spring has arrived.
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    Re: First swine flu related death in Croatia

    scroll for English translation

    Splićanin izgubio borbu

    Prva smrt zbog svinjske gripe u Hrvatskoj

    Pacijent L.M. (61) iz Splita koji se nalazio na jedinici intezivnog liječenja KBC-a Split, preminuo je zbog komplikacija vjerojatno vezanih uz sve ra?ireniji virus H1N1.

    'Pacijent je, na?alost, preminuo od vi?e organskog zatajenja'', rekao je dr. Nenad Karanović, de?urni anesteziolog u KBC-u Split za Slobodnu Dalmaciju.

    Iako jo? nije potvrđeno, pretpostavlja se da je pacijent preminuo zbog svinjske gripe. Poka?e li se da je L.M. zaista umro od posljedica svinjske gripe biti će prva osoba koja je u Hrvatskoj preminula od nove gripe.

    Podsjetimo, pacijent je 23. listopada primljen na Odjel za infekcijske bolesti KBC-a Split zbog visoke temperature, ote?anog disanja i obostrane upale pluća. Odmah je, zbog potrebe za respiratorom prebačen nagdje je le?ao do trenutka smrti,

    google translated

    The first death due to swine flu in Croatia

    Patient LM (61) from Split, who was on the intensive treatment unit of the Split Clinical Hospital, died of complications probably related to all the widespread H1N1 virus.

    'The patient, unfortunately, died from multiple organic failure''said Dr. Nenad Karanović, anesthesiologist on duty in the University Hospital in Split for Slobodna Dalmacija.

    Although not yet confirmed, it is assumed that the patient died of swine flu. If it turns to the LM actually died as a result of swine flu will be the first person in Croatia died from the new flu.

    Recall, the patient on 23 October admitted to the department for infectious diseases and the Split Clinical Hospital due to high temperature, difficulty breathing and pneumonia both sides.

    Now, because of the need for respirator transferred nagdje lay until his death, writes Slobodna Dalmacija.

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