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Croatia: H1N1 viruses are diagnosed in five children

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  • Croatia: H1N1 viruses are diagnosed in five children

    EAST SARAJEVO - The Kasindo Hospital this week received five children grows up to six years with influenza virus H1N1, but they are referred for home treatment and are relatively well - she is Srna infectious diseases at the Hospital Kasindo ?anka Eranović.

    She stressed that there are currently hospitalized in three patients suffering from influenza and those new to the end of the week should be dismissed.

    The Clinical Center of Sarajevo University in 24 hospitalized patients with confirmed H1N1 virus.

    In the intensive care unit internist is a patient with confirmed H1N1 and its condition was no significant change compared to before.

    In Clinical Microbiology, yesterday received 29 samples to test for H1N1 influenza, of which 14 were positive, all from Sarajevo.

    According to the Institute of Public Health of the Republic of Serbian, by 15 February in the RS is a registered 840 cases of patients with influenza H1N1. Died and four others who had had confirmed the H1N1 flu.