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Bulgaria: H1N1 flu killed a woman in Dobrich

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  • Bulgaria: H1N1 flu killed a woman in Dobrich

    Грипът regard first victim in Dobrich.
    A woman who died in the hospital after complications reported by РЗИ.

    The sample in the laboratory in the capital city is confirmed,
    That it comes to pork flu. ' As a whole morbidity is low in the region and we can not
    We speak of the existence of an epidemic.
    In this case the patient had and other diseases - diabetes,
    Respiratory and cardiac insufficiency', commented dr. Daniela Ivanova.

    'In the week of 3 February morbidity in the region was 89 to 10 thousand.
    People, and the next has dropped to 85.69 in the 10 thousand. People. For the four days of this week
    incidence of acute respiratory diseases is 63 , 71 to 10 thousands of people ',
    said Dr. Ivanova.