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Ruse: 35 - years with pneumonia died in hospital

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  • Ruse: 35 - years with pneumonia died in hospital

    Varluvashtiyat Ruse in three weeks A virus / H1N1 / known as swine flu, probably caused the death of 35 - year rusenka, teach 'Morning'. Deceased woman was admitted to the intensive therapeutic unit with acute pneumonia and breathing difficulties. Despite the efforts of the team to save the patient, she died from a brain hemorrhage.
    Yesterday the head of department Dr Lubomir Lubenov confirmed case, but explained that there is still no information whether the death was caused by the flu or a result of stroke.
    Specialists do not preclude subsequent pneumonia and influenza are dead woman's body and thus have contributed to death. For the rest of Ruse, who are in serious condition in the inner wards of the hospital and Tubdispansera, treatment takes place normally, showed verification of the 'Morning'.
    Two years ago, the same virus killed four people, the reason was the same for everyone - from heart failure developed acute pneumonia. Deceased were aged 35 to 40 years.