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​Belgium - At least 22 men with same influenza virus were hospitalized for cardiac problems in Geel

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  • ​Belgium - At least 22 men with same influenza virus were hospitalized for cardiac problems in Geel

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    An epidemic never seen hit la Campine

    Julien Collignon
    07/07/16 - 11:08 Source: Het Laatste Nieuws

    At least 22 men between 35 and 55 struck by the same influenza virus encountered thereafter heart problems. They all come from the Kempen and were admitted to hospital AZ Sint-Dimpna in Geel. "It's an epidemic never seen," the cardiologist Pedro Brugada in Het Laatste Nieuws. Why in Geel? Why now?

    Why only men?

    Friday, May 27, Jan Luyten went to the hospital of Geel. He certainly never thought to stay on place for eleven days. His "flu" has proven to be much more worrisome than previously thought. "A few hours made the difference between life and death," he told the Flemish daily.

    Jan is the twentieth man to run for emergencies in the same hospital with the same symptoms. Each time, the diagnosis is the same: a virus in the heart. .. "Normally, I'm never sick, but then I was really not feeling good. In one week, I went three times to my family doctor because I continued to have fever - up to 40 degrees - and my muscles were incredibly tense. Eventually, I was sent to the hospital. In the emergency room, they took me directly to the ICU. Doctors told me: '... Fortunately you came quickly, because a few hours later, it could have been fatal. Or you would have had to do a transplant. ' I do not know what happened to me. "

    "I'm tired all the time"
    Jan was in intensive care for a week with very severe pneumonia and "something to his heart." "At first the doctors did not know what I had. According to specialists, I had an inflammation of the pericardium, my heart valves were swollen and my heart muscle was inflamed. Strange, because I was not feeling so sick . "

    Today, after proper treatment, Jan is better but is still not fully recovered. "I'm very tired quickly, even when I do nothing. A little walk with my dog, it's very tiring. I have to rest as much as possible. Sometimes it's frustrating. I'm 38, I want to do normal things but I can not because I am too tired. It is not question of work. It is also a problem because I am independent carpenter. I hope everything will be fine and that I will not have long-term sequelae. There is a risk of cardiac arrhythmia because this virus has caused an injury to my heart. I take pills, we'll see. "

    Doctors have no explanation for now. They still remind that we must not panic in case of flu and simply go to our family doctor.
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