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Belarus - We have faced completely inexplicable illness. WHO’s aid is needed urgently

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  • tropical
    Re: Belarus - We have faced completely inexplicable illness. WHO’s aid is needed urgently

    It seems as the Ukrainian type surge.

    But the far East insistance on possible hybreeds appearance, and the last weeks Macoto posts, seems signaling an hardening again of the situation wide.
    Not good to see deaths, and a person was stil vaccinated for both:
    "le 11 novembre, vaccination grippe saisonničre
    le 20 novembre, vaccination A(H1N1)
    le 26 novembre, 38.5 de fičvre, l'analyse simple était positive et il a pris tamiflu
    le 27 au 29 novembre, pneumothorax aggravé et troubles de la conscience"

    The today FT thread abouta green light to a hybreed pand/AH5N1 vaccine, could flag something widely more bad is going on (?)

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  • Emily
    Re: Belarus - We have faced completely inexplicable illness. WHO’s aid is needed urgently

    WHO should respond. These people are under enormous stress and I'm sure the global community would like some answers.
    "However, even this revision did not change significantly the fact that a very large fraction of the Belorussian population has to live and work in abnormal conditions of long-term irradiation as a result of the Chernobyl accident. The inhabitants of the affected areas are exposed to additional external and internal irradiation. The irradiation is especially serious in the case of inhabitants of rural settlements who consume foodstuffs produced in private sector that very often have high concentration of caesium-137 [34].
    Practically, people living in the contaminated areas of Belarus have become a material of a scientific experiment being carried out to investigate the harm that can be inflicted by an accident at a NPP to heterogene population comprising pregnant women, infants, children, adolescents, old people, and the people suffering from different somatic diseases. It is evident that data established in the course of such an experiment are very important for the whole international community."

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  • JimO
    Re: Belarus - We have faced completely inexplicable illness. WHO’s aid is needed urgently

    This all sounds familiar.

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  • Snowy Owl
    Re: Belarus - In came to replace the flu, pneumonia

    1.12.2009 (<o:p></o:p>

    Mikalai Shaulau:
    We have faced completely inexplicable illness. WHO’s aid is needed urgently

    Health professionals affirm that because of flu epidemic Belarus should seek help from the world medical community.

    An open letter of an infectious disease specialist, assistant of Infectious diseases chair of the Belarusian Academy of postgraduate education Mikalai Shaulau,

    where he writes about an epidemic of atypical pneumonia in Belarus, has evoked a wide response, and it makes him address the Health Care Ministry again, “Belorusskiye novosti” write. The doctor underlines that it couldn’t be claimed that there is no atypical pneumonia in Belarus only because relevant diagnostics is not held in our country.

    By “atypical pneumonia” Mikalai Shaulau means malignant, uncharacteristic development of the disease.

    The term “atypical pneumonia” appeared long before the outbreak of the recent pandemic in the beginning of the century, and is used for naming lungs disease not caused by one of the more traditional microorganisms, but by other pathogens including viruses. SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) is the accepted name which better reflects the specifics of the illness.

    Indeed, the Health Care Ministry is right when they say that atypical pneumonia is not recorded in the country, but they a right just formally. As Mikalai Shaulau underlines, none of the patients was tested for this virus, as well as for other possible causes of pneumonia development.

    “I am not a functionary in a white coat, I am a doctor,” Mikalai Shaulau said. He believes that at present experts should primarily find out what virus causes community-acquired pneumonia, which kills people in three-five days.

    He underlines that development of the disease, as the age of the deceased, most of them were young people, are atypical.

    The health Care Ministry does not reveal figures, however, visiting hospitals with consultations, M. Shaulau saw four persons dying in intensive care department in one night, including a young pregnant woman. Pneumonia has so grave development that artificial pulmonary ventilation does not give an expected result, as its regime is hard to choose: “We have faced an absolutely inexplicable illness. We have managed to save some people certainly. Unfortunately, I know individual cases when patients were alive after artificial respirating unit was used for them. Most of them die”.<o:p></o:p>

    He underlines that the world medical community must be addressed for help, in particular, the World Health Organization.

    Mikalai Shaulau believes that like the population of our country, the WHO at the moment has no information about the real situation with pneumonia rate in Belarus.

    In case we address the WHO, we could be offered aid in diagnostics: “After all, we have Moscow not far from us, and there is a laboratory of new and newly discovered infections there. There are powerful laboratories in London. The WHO won’t deny help to any state. I should note that only a state can address this organisation, not some doctor”.

    In order to realize the complexity of the situation, Mikalai Shaulau offered to recall the case history. The flu A (H1N1) is diagnosed in Belarus since August 19, 2009.

    “I should note that it happened only after on August 14 the chief sanitary officer of Russia Gennady Onishchenko put in doubt that no cases of flu A (H1N1) had appeared in Belarus”.

    All swine flu cases were benign or moderately grave cases. There were no lethal outcomes. M. Shaulau wonders: “Why people started to die in late October, in November? What has changed: a virus, or people? I would like to have an answer to this question from the leadership of the Health Care Ministry”.<o:p></o:p>


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  • Belarus - We have faced completely inexplicable illness. WHO’s aid is needed urgently

    Over the past month in the Belarusian capital of SARS and influenza, according to official figures, perebolel 177 thousand people, representing 9.5% of the total population of Minsk.

    Число лабораторно подтвержденных случаев свиного гриппа - 179 по всей стране; 153 из них выявлены "за период эпидемического подъема заболеваемости", утверждает официальный сайт белорусского Минздрава.

    The number of laboratory-confirmed cases of swine flu - 179 throughout the country, 153 of them identified "during the period of epidemic rise of morbidity," says the official website of the Belarusian Ministry of Health.

    Правда, последний пресс-релиз по тревожащей общество теме датирован 23 ноября.

    However, the latest press release on the topic of disturbing society is dated 23 November.
    А число выявленных случаев свиного гриппа также "не обновляется" неделями.

    A number of identified cases of swine influenza as "not updated" for weeks.
    В Минздраве объясняют: на вирус H1N1 проверяют только тех больных, грипп у которых протекает в тяжелой форме.

    In the Ministry of Health explained: the H1N1 virus tested only those patients who have influenza occurs in severe form.
    Все прочие случаи не нуждаются в лабораторном подтверждении, поскольку принципы лечения всех форм гриппа одинаковы, считает официальная медицина.

    All other cases do not require laboratory confirmation, since the principles of treatment of all forms of influenza are the same, according to official medicine.
    "В основном гриппа H1N1 там нет, это банальные инфекции, с которыми мы постоянно боремся", - объяснял в белорусском парламенте в конце ноября замминистра здравоохранения Роберт Часнойть.

    "Basically there is no H1N1 influenza, it is banal infections, with whom we are constantly fighting," - explained in the Belarusian parliament in late November, the Deputy Minister of Health Robert Chasnoit.
    Официально заявляется, что от свиного гриппа в Белоруссии никто не умер.

    Officially declaring that the swine flu in Belarus, no one died.
    Однако у 19 умерших от пневмонии было подтверждено наличие вируса пандемического гриппа.

    However, 19 patients died of pneumonia was confirmed by the presence of pandemic influenza.
    Врачи-практики между тем сообщают: под пульмонологические отделения в белорусских больницах перепрофилированы многие участки, вплоть до кардиологии и роддомовских палат.
    Doctors practice among those reported: under Pulmonology in Belarusian hospitals redeveloped many areas, up to cardiology and roddomovskih chambers.
    Реанимационные отделения пытаются бороться с необычным воспалением легких, "сжигающим" человека за считанные дни.
    Intensive Care Unit are grappling with an unusual pneumonia, burns man a few days.
    "Мы столкнулись с совершенно непонятным заболеванием. Безусловно, кого-то удается спасти. Мне известны, к сожалению, единичные случаи, когда пациентов удавалось снять живыми с аппарата искусственной вентиляции легких. Большинство погибает", - заявляет врач-инфекционист Николай Шавлов.

    "We are faced with a completely unknown disease. Of course, someone can save her. I know, unfortunately, the isolated cases where patients could lift living with an artificial lung ventilation. Most are killed," - says infectious disease physician Nicholas Arthur Schawlow.

    "Подписка о молчании"
    "Sign of silence"
    Шавлов передал в белорусскую прессу открытое письмо и утверждает, что высокие медицинские чиновники заняты сокрытием и приукрашиванием информации вместо того, чтобы определить масштабы беды и способы борьбы с остротекущей пневмонией, названия и возбудителя которой в Белоруссии не знают.

    Schawlow conveyed in an open letter to Belarusian press and argues that high health officials are busy hiding and embellishment of information, rather than determine the extent of distress and ways to combat ostrotekuschey pneumonia, the names and the parasite is in Belarus do not know.
    В пик спроса аптеки в Минске работали круглосуточно и без выходных
    During peak demand pharmacies in Minsk worked around the clock seven days a week

    "В конце концов, рядом с нами Москва, где есть лаборатория новых и вновь открываемых инфекций. Есть мощные лаборатории в Лондоне. ВОЗ не откажет в просьбе любому государству. Замечу, что к этой организации может обращаться только государство, но не какой-то врач", - цитирует доктора Шавлова агентство БелаПАН.
    "In the end, next to us Moscow, where a laboratory for new and newly discovered infections. There is a powerful laboratory in London. WHO will not refuse a request to any State. Note that this organization can access only the state but not a doctor "- quoted Dr. Shavlova BelaPAN.
    Открыто заявить о масштабах беды и проблемах белорусского здравоохранения решился также Евгений Лопанов, реаниматолог из города Добруша.
    Publicly declare the extent of troubles and problems of the Belarusian health dared to Eugene Lopan, resuscitator of the city Dobrusa.
    Другие медики общаются с прессой на условиях анонимности или предпочитают безличный интернет.
    Other doctors communicate with the press on condition of anonymity, or prefer the impersonal internet.
    По их словам, администрации медучреждений предупредили персонал об ответственности за разглашение информации.
    According to them, the administration of medical institutions have warned staff about the responsibility for disclosure of information.
    Некоторые врачи говорят, что давали "подписку о молчании".
    Some doctors say that they had "a subscription of silence."
    Белорусскую прессу об ответственности "за нагнетание паники" публично предупредила заместитель министра информации Белоруссии Лилия Ананич.
    Belarusian press on responsibility "for whipping up panic" publicly warned the deputy information minister of Belarus Liliya Ananich.
    А газеты "Наша Ніва" и "Комсомольская правда в Белоруссии" получили официальные предупреждения от Мининформа за публикацию статей, связанных с проблемой гриппа.
    And the newspaper "Nasha Niva" and "Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus" received official warnings from the Ministry of Information for publishing articles related to the problem of influenza.
    "Не надо поднимать гвалт. Не надо создавать искусственно ажиотаж", - заявил во время визита в Киев в начале ноября президент Александр Лукашенко.
    "Do not raise a ruckus. No need to create an artificial boom," - said during a visit to Kiev in early November, President Alexander Lukashenko.
    "Это не чума и не холера. Это излечимое заболевание", - отметил белорусский президент, подчеркнув, что в нагнетании ситуации заинтересован фармацевтический бизнес.
    "This is not the plague and cholera. This is a curable disease," - the Belarusian president noted, stressing that the situation is interested in stirring up the pharmaceutical business.
    Вакцины нет
    No vaccine
    Белорусские производители противовирусных препаратов на исходе осени работали в усиленном режиме.
    Belarusian producers of antiviral drugs at the end of the fall working in emergency mode.
    В пик спроса аптеки в Минске и некоторых других городах работали круглосуточно и без выходных.
    During peak demand pharmacies in Minsk and some other cities have worked around the clock seven days a week.
    В принципе, вы начали заниматься этим, когда начало возмущаться общество!
    In principle, you have begun to do this when it began to resent society!
    Вы здесь прошляпили, и надо было бы это дело признать!
    You are here proshlyapili, and should have been the case to admit!
    Борис Батура,
    Boris Batura,
    глава верхней палаты парламента
    head upper house of Parliament

    Вакцинацию от сезонного гриппа сейчас можно пройти только за деньги — бесплатные прививки закончились в самый разгар "гриппозного ажиотажа".
    Vaccination against seasonal influenza is now possible to pass only for the money - free vaccinations ended in the height of the rush of influenza.
    А вакцина от свиного гриппа появится в Белоруссии лишь во второй половине декабря, заявил, отвечая на вопросы депутатов парламента, замминистра здравоохранения Роберт Часнойть.
    A vaccine against swine flu appears in Belarus only in the second half of December, said, answering the questions of deputies of Parliament, Deputy Minister of Health Robert Chasnoit.
    "Ведутся переговоры с различными фирмами — производителями вакцины, в том числе с российским "Микрогеном", - сказал чиновник.
    "Negotiations with various companies - manufacturers of vaccines, including with Russia's Mikrogenom" - the official said.
    Объяснения Роберта Часнойтя подверглись критике главы верхней палаты белорусского парламента Бориса Батуры.
    Explanations Robert Chasnoit been criticized head of the upper chamber of the Belarusian parliament, Boris Batura.
    "Каждая районная больница может вам сказать, какая у них ситуация. […] В принципе, вы начали заниматься этим, когда начало возмущаться общество! Вы здесь прошляпили, и надо было бы это дело признать!", - цитирует председателя Совета Республики белорусская пресса.
    "Each district hospital can tell you what their situation. [...] Basically, you start to do this when it began to resent society! You are here proshlyapili, and would have to accept the case", - quotes the chairman of the Council of the Republic of Belarus press .
    "Почему, по-вашему, грипп начался внезапно? Это же не труба в ЖКХ, что прорвало и надо аварийную посылать, - продолжает Батура. - Весь мир говорит об этом свином гриппе! Плановое у вас хозяйство, и вы давно могли спокойно объявить тендер на эту вакцину. И люди видели бы, что вы этим делом занимаетесь".
    "Why do you think, influenza start suddenly?" This is not a pipe in the housing sector, which had burst and the need to send an emergency - continues Batura. - The whole world is talking about swine influenza! Planned you farm and you've been able to calmly announce a tender this vaccine. And people would see what you are doing this business.
    Замминистра здравоохранения пообещал обнародовать статистику по свиному гриппу в конце квартала.
    Deputy Minister of Health has promised to publish statistics on the swine flu at the end of the quarter.
    К этому же сроку - к концу декабря - медики прогнозируют вторую волну заболеваемости гриппом и ОРВИ в Белоруссии.

    By the same deadline - the end of December - doctors predict a second wave of influenza and acute respiratory disease in Belarus.