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Belarus: doctor interviewed about the epidemic of swine flu

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  • Belarus: doctor interviewed about the epidemic of swine flu

    Pediatric: "The process went into an uncontrollable"

    Gomel physician Eugene Lopan told about the epidemic of swine flu in Belarus.

    In Belarus, with pneumonia in the hospital for one day got 895 people. Health officials give official information dosage and extremely rare. Doctors also went underground and spread its vision of the situation except that in the internet on personal blogs. And it anonymously.

    But the correspondent of Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus "agreed to meet one of these doctors, that the days away on duty in the clinics, and then instead of facilities includes a computer and write" reports from the field of battle. "

    Neither for themselves, nor is hoping to be heard by society. With our interlocutor, we contacted through its "Living Magazine". The doctor agreed to a meeting, not concealing his name and place of work. Pediatric Dobrush regional hospital Eugene Lopan described the clinical picture of a dangerous virus and that helps patients survive.

    Three hours received 30 people with pneumonia

    - Eugene, tell me, as a doctor who has to take the blow of swine flu, is there an epidemic in Belarus?

    - The epidemic is - is indisputable. A large number of appeals with a viral infection, no one knew at first what it is, then it turned out that we are dealing with avian influenza A/H1N1. In Dobrush all started with two patients in early November. And then - like a snowball. In principle, the time to react. When the first patient, I realized what it was. Senior doctor warned deployed additional block in the therapeutic department. We decided that with mild pneumonia will be put in the infectious disease clinic with a heavy - to the hospital, and the worst - in intensive care. I well remember his duty, it was somewhere on November 7. Three hours and thirty men arrived with pneumonia. Given that Dobrush - a small town ...

    - They all had the same symptoms?

    - Yes, the symptoms of influenza. And at the clinic all looked like pneumonia. Joined patient, we could think of anything, to the extent that the patient's pulmonary embolism. But for some reason krovjanisto-foamy sputum was in a large number - this one has never seen before. We realized that this is a viral infection. In the next chamber lay exactly the same physique of the patient. Complete, sturdy, stalwart - they put the same clinic!

    - How is this a viral infection?

    - As usual flu, SARS. Begins with weakness, malaise. Temperature may rise to all different ways - to 37, 38, 39 degrees. Shortness of breath increases, there is a cough, pain between the shoulder blades, arthralgia, diarrhea may be a violation of the digestive system. People tend to, when you begin to torment the shortness of breath, cough appeared. The worst thing, when they came already with sputum containing blood - this is aggravating factor, suggests that lung tissue was destroyed.

    Worked in war conditions

    - The first blow fell on the precinct therapists - continues to Eugene. - It is important that the disease has progressed. The patients were examined, no one denied, the load went great - virtually the entire population to serve. And the conditions - war. No, facilities and time. Some people are themselves inadequately - someone does not want to be treated, thinking that it is cost. And then the panic starts, relatives have resorted to stress.

    And all because of ignorance. If doctors were on TV, said: then do something in the first stage - all would have passed over smoothed. For example, almost everyone who came to us, drank antipyretic. And they block all the processes of developing immunity. You can not take pills, if the temperature is below 39! Body must fight. We bring down the temperature of an elementary physical cooling: wipe the patient, put the ice in the area of major vessels, if necessary, and the fan can blow.

    Tamiflu we lacked all the time, was originally a reserve. But when the disease has already started to progress, especially drink Tamiflu is not necessary. Then, already have another treatment, because the microbes begin to join and growing multiorgan failure. Currently, little useful information on the new flu, little research findings.

    Good is the Internet and the remarkable statistics collected by a professor in Mexico, Dr. Guillermo Dominguez-Cherit. We understand the structure of morbidity, who are more susceptible to disease, what principles of treatment and what results they gave. At his practice to understand that need nursing care, stimulation of immunity - that the body begins to fight. But Tamiflu, Relensa, Arpetol assistant may act only at the early stage of the disease.

    - Describe what happens to the body during viral pneumonia and how it differs from ordinary pneumonia.

    - The process affects virtually the entire fabric of the lungs, the patient appears bloody sputum, respiratory distress syndrome occurs (RDS), when there is a problem of oxygen delivery to tissues, and tissues from non-recyclable carbon dioxide. Some patients noted a lightning current, similar to the rate of allergic reaction. In the pictures it looks like polisegmentarnaya pneumonia. Patients increases the load on the heart, liver, kidneys. If left untreated - a person die. At the first stage - Statistics up to 28 days - from respiratory disorders, and later death usually occurs from multiple organ failure. The process is very fast, from the moment of the disease before treatment to the doctor is somewhere for 6 days, and after entering the hospital to the intensive care unit only 1-2 days. That is, people in hospital, and the next day he was in intensive care unit with RDS. The disease is like a fire - if not extinguished in time, will burn everything.

    Note that each in its own way carries the virus. Everything depends on immunity, plays an important role Psychosomatics: a man to life is, what to eat, how much he is optimistic. Hard to get sick, mostly those who are living on some kind of negative energy bears. Or did something wrong. For example, the head was, and acted like a mean way. From someone left her husband. In general, those who are tormented conscience.

    Before I had pneumonia, but they flowed much easier. Well, supercooled someone or lay in the garage. And then ill young people 20-40 years in full health. Bach - and viral pneumonia. In principle, this is the same "Spanish flu". But pneumonic plague - that's for sure. The structure of the virus one to one - "Spanish flu", is also H1N1. Only the mutation occurred, the virus has a slightly different way to join the cell.

    By the way, according to world statistics, deaths from the virus reaches 2,5% of the sick, and in seasonal influenza 0,1%.

    - In the medical environment, talk about where, generally come from viruses?

    - Nobody really knows, but the arguments go as far as that is a military weapon. It is argued that the virus become sick animals, and then it acquires the properties of infecting people. Some say that this is not the flu virus, but a process of natural selection.

    - What is happening now, the flow of people in hospital are still big?

    - Recession is. Because many are already sick. Someone got immunity, someone is not infected.

    - Have you a happy recovery? From resuscitation, from the ventilation apparatus - the amendment?

    - As far as I know, only in our Dobrush was such a case. While not heard that someone else is living from the ventilator out after the disease. The man admitted to the intensive care unit in mind. Then lay on the ventilator for about a week. In such cases, care is important. We looked for the man seriously, all the relatives of moral support. And most importantly - believe. They simply clenched his fists and said that he must live. And he himself wanted to live. Many patients look and realize that they're in another world. They talk as if not to you. And this obviously wanted to stay here. While in the mind was all ran to the window, watching. He told me when he was intubated, he felt that the coffin lid was closed and the last nails were killed. Was such that no one had hoped. And suddenly a miracle for some. A man has been transferred from the intensive care therapy, he is in the mind. He has a laboratory-confirmed influenza A/H1N1. Took a shot, the picture was resolved, light aircraft, were small foci. Pneumonia still persists, antibiotics receives.

    The detection of swine influenza - only 10 per

    - Some sort of quota for the treatment of patients with viral pneumonia from the Ministry of Health do?

    - Yes, somewhere in a week, as we all began. Wrote how to treat patients with H1N1 - advice on drugs. Basically, what we did from the beginning. Important role played by time antibiotics. This is also such a coincidence, somehow empirically exist: one antibiotic did not go - another appointed.

    General, the policy of the Ministry of Health aims to ensure that there was no panic. That people are not bought drugs and do not engage in self-medicate. That is correct. The problem is that doctors do not heal, and pharmacists. But the fact that the epidemic is, you should not be silent. The problem exists in reality, people get sick, there are fatalities.

    - What do you know of any cases of influenza A/H1N1 and mortality from viral pneumonia?

    - I must say that the detection in the laboratories of the flu for the world statistics about 10 percent. That is, the sick swine influenza is ten times more than identify laboratory. The reasons for not approving the analysis - misguided smear, poor transport conditions and so on. In Dobrush do know of two confirmed H1N1. But those that come from the same clinic, we feel sick by the same virus, and treat everyone equally - a laboratory confirmed or not confirmed.

    Deaths from us, thank God, no. And in Gomel severity of patients is much higher - not enough ventilator. Important role played by the quality of the apparatus for ventilation. It is noticed that the patients are not subjected encephalopathy as a result of exposure to the virus, therefore, recommended to mechanical ventilation in mind, with the support of regimes that virtually inaccessible Belarusian machines. On the fatal cases, he learned from the news if something they say. Only about a week ago we told chief pulmonologist that in the Gomel region had died more than 20 people. I heard about the death of a pregnant woman. It is possible that this was because the pregnant body is weakened.

    - Do you think doctors are ill with swine flu?

    - I believe there is nothing to help, when all around sick with the virus. At least 10 masks to wear and change in 5 minutes, but still have to defend. Somehow, all the same disease you will find. Our entire medical staff of reanimation to some extent, suffered an infection and I too. From man depends how he has a strong immunity. In general, the load on doctors has increased tremendously. In principle, the forces at the end of all: the nurses and doctors and paramedical staff. All very hard work.

    - Your forecasts, as the epidemic will develop in the near future?

    - Very difficult to say, everything is unpredictable. "Spanish Flu" raged for two years. The epidemic began in the spring in Mexico. Now there are drugs, some knowledge of - the process should be faster. Many homes sit, but someone else got sick, and will re-infection. Mortality will increase soon, because now a lot of patients on mechanical ventilation who have RDS - went into an uncontrollable process. In general, these patients with a poor prognosis. But the main thing to believe and pray that everything will be fine.

    Гомельский врач Евгений Лопанов впервые открыто рассказал об эпидемии свиного гриппа в Беларуси.
    "Addressing chronic disease is an issue of human rights that must be our call to arms"
    Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief The Lancet

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    Re: Belarus: doctor interviewed about the epidemic of swine flu

    Our modern samizdat.

    But - compared to Ukraine - it is almost universally acknowledged that Belarus infrastructures are somewhat better that its neighbor former USSR state.


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      Re: Belarus: doctor interviewed about the epidemic of swine flu

      Doctor Dobrush hospital: pneumonia - a fire, which have nothing to extinguish

      21.11 / / 15:43 / / Health

      Resident Dobrusa, who was confirmed by the virus A/H1N1, transferred from intensive care in the therapy department. According to BelaPAN Pediatric Dobrush regional hospital Eugene Lopan, a man was hospitalized with pneumonia and a week in intensive care unit on mechanical ventilation, he had confirmed the virus A/H1N1.

      Board of Health of the Gomel oblast executive committee and the Center for Hygiene, Epidemiology and Public Health since the beginning of the epidemic have been reported that in the region were identified cases of "swine flu. Only as of November 10 was received of the death of eight people from pneumonia.

      According to unofficial data, from pneumonia, triggered by "swine flu in the area have died at least 20 people.

      "From the first days of November in our hospital there were two patients with pneumonia, and then - like a snowball. It was such that in one evening was hospitalized for more than 20 patients.

      The symptoms were, and the picture on the x-ray of the chest behind the severity of the disease ", - commented the doctor. He explained that the disease is like a normal influenza - begins with weakness, malaise, fever of 37 and above is growing short of breath, there is a cough, pain between the shoulder blades, joints may be a violation of the digestive system - vomiting, nausea, anorexia and diarrhea.

      "Man is drawn when he was tormented by shortness of breath, he can not breath, dry cough, and the worst - when it deals with sputum containing blood, is already aggravating factor, suggests that lung tissue began to disintegrate," - listed the symptoms of resuscitator .

      According to him, viral pneumonia differs from the conventional view that the process goes very quickly: from the moment of disease before treatment on Statistics held for 6 days, and after treatment in hospital before intensive care unit - 1-2 days.

      "That is a person admitted to the hospital, and the next day he was in intensive care unit with RDS - respiratory distress syndrome. The disease is like a fire - if not extinguished in time, will burn everything. And then put out, in principle, and nothing if you do not block the neutrophil, which will destroy everything around them, people gasping for breath, increases pronounced hypoxemia, attacking the problem with the delivery of oxygen to tissues and carbon dioxide output. Usually, inflammation of the sick, those who supercooled, lay, for example, in the garage, but now ill young people, with seemingly perfect health ", - explained the doctor.

      "In the virus - A/H1N1 world statistics on mortality reaches 2.5%, from seasonal flu - 0,1%. This is basically the same "Spanish flu" virus mutation through slightly differently began to bind to the cell ", - explained the resuscitator.

      "Entered sick, bloody, foamy sputum was, in large enough quantities. They made shots, conducted the surveys, ??????????, found that a viral infection. The patient was about a week on pulmoflator (IVL). It got to the point that no one had hoped, especially the first few days, then a miracle. Now it has moved from the intensive care therapy, the state of medium gravity, the situation has improved significantly ", - commented the case of a successful recovery Lopan.

      According to the doctor, is one of the few cases in the region, when the patient recovered after a severe clinical picture and weeks on ventilator. "The patients on mechanical ventilation with respiratory distress syndrome, which destroys lung tissue, the chances low.

      Process uncontrolled. In this case the lungs - the perfect environment for breeding bacteria. In this environment, can grow anything, it weights the whole process, "- supplemented the physician.

      He said the laboratory was confirmed influenza A/H1N1 still have one patient who is already recovering. We resuscitator no exact information, the total number in the vicinity of confirmed cases of A/H1N1.

      "That comes from the same clinic - we feel that it's all the same, and treat everyone equally, do not expect - a laboratory confirmed, not confirmed," - said resuscitator.

      According to him, in almost all Dobrush hospital intensive care unit nurses ill with a viral infection in varying degrees of severity. "Virtually all infected and who is sick - it depends on the immunity defense forces, predisposition" - sure resuscitator.

      Projections, reducing morbidity, according to the doctor, talk is premature. "Now, rather, is the peak. Patients undergoing mechanical ventilation - with a poor prognosis, the number of deaths is clearly better "- expressed the opinion doctor.

      "The point is not how many people died, but that problem exists in reality, people get sick, there are fatalities, for the successful recovery of the patient should be given the faith and pray that everything will be fine," - concluded the doctor.

      "Addressing chronic disease is an issue of human rights that must be our call to arms"
      Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief The Lancet

      ~~~~ Twitter:@GertvanderHoek ~~~ ~~~