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Influenza in Belarus

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  • Influenza in Belarus

    Officials from the Ministry of Health comforted that a pandemic of swine flu in Belarus is not expected. But recognize that actively spread the disease, caused by acute respiratornymi infection. According to official statistics, only 40% of the patients, diagnosed as "flu."

    A flu epidemic or for the whole country, nor in individual cities to be announced, although in some major cities - Vitebsk, Mozyr, Molodechno Soligorsk, Mogilev, Bobruisk and Minsk - zahvorvalnastsi level is pretty high. As told RFE / RL head of the department of Minsk City Centre of Epidemiology Elena Fisenko, this year has been tasked to identify the disease as mild to moderate severity, especially among children, and even with mild infections to keep patients at home.
    Who suffers more? Elena Fisenko said: "The majority - children, 58%. No such severe forms, which were in November 2009, when we mostly parazhalasya young adults. Therefore, the overall assessment of the situation is as follows: The Rise of zahvorvalnastsi with relatively low intensity, with a relatively low work of diseases. "
    At the same time in the hospital again comes of patients with pulmonary disease, says a doctor of one of the capital's hospitals: - Each unit has pulmanalyagichnyya patients. In revmatalegii half of separation - their half of - pulmanalyagichnyya in nevralegii also half way, half way in the ENT department of their own half and half pulmanalyagichnyya. In order not to escalate the situation, absolutely not convert office, like last year, as did a half. "