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Austria: 21 dead people, 400 hospital admissions in the 2010-2011 Flu Season

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  • Austria: 21 dead people, 400 hospital admissions in the 2010-2011 Flu Season

    The Influenza season 2010/2011 has not been harmless, experts of the institute of virology of the MedUni Vienna are persuaded. According to your balance it should have come by the Influenza to 400 hospital admissions and possibly up to 21 deaths.

    Activity of the viruses "on an average"
    " Although already in December, 2010 sporadic cases of Influenzavirus infections have appeared over and over again, the significant increase occurred in positive virus proofs (...) only in the third calendar week in 2011 ", wrote the experts in her Virusepidemologischen information.

    The cause spectrum was as expected. " In comparison to the influenza waves of the past years the activity of the Influenzaviren can be called in the wine bar season average, what concerns her duration as well as her epidemiological magnitude. The dominating virus in this season was the Influenza A first appeared in April, 2009 / H1N1 (2009) viruses ", explained virologist Monika Redlberger Fritz and Therese Popow-Kraupp.

    Above all children and young adults
    What concerns the course and the heavy degree of the illnesses, the picture already known from the Pandemiewelle typical in 2009 of the Influenza A / also appeared in 2010/2011 again H1N1 (2009) infections. " Again children and young adults fallen ill mainly, and accordingly heavy illness courses and Hospitalisierungen were also found unusually often in this age group ", according to the experts

    Deaths only faultily announced
    434 patients had to be treated according to the Virusepidemologischen information in-patient. A large part of these patients was under 60 years old. Up to now were announced in this season 21 Deaths about the EMS (electronic registration system). Of it ten were associated certainly with the Influenza A / H1N1 (2009) infections, nine of these deads were younger than 60 years.

    With six of the announced deaths the causal relation could not be protected to the Influenza A / H1N1 (2009) infections unquestionably and with five cases even more precise information is absent nowadays. ' Influenza deaths are announced according to expert internationally only faultily because as a cause of death mostly not the virus infection, but a complication is given like heart circulation failure or pneumonia.

    Pregnant special risk group
    A special risk group with A / H1N1 (2009) infections are apparently pregnant. Their mortality rate amounts to about ten percent. " Till present according to information available to us we have confirmed with 14 growing mothers (three in the first, three in the second and eight in the third pregnancy third, n.) an infection with A / H1N1 (2009) which had to be treated everything in-patient ", said the virologists. The admission was necessary for two affected persons in an intensive care unit.