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Twenty cases of H1N1 in Albania

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  • Twenty cases of H1N1 in Albania

    Re-emerged in Albania influenza virus A/H1N1 said the director of health policy department of the Ministry of Health, Peloump Pepper.

    According to the communication so far have confirmed 20 cases, although the number is expected to increase, but the situation is under control and the disease is at the stage of the epidemic.
    In late 2009 the country was on the verge of a pandemic when they infected hundreds of people.

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    Re: Twenty cases of H1N1 in Albania

    Albania: 37 cases affected by A/H1N1 virus

    Public Health Institute in Tirana confirmed five other cases of patients affected by A/H1N1 virus. Director of this institute, Enver Rroshi said for Alsat that the total number has reached to 37, but thankfully, they are all out of risk for life.

    Differently from one year ago, the patients have not shown serious complications such as pneumonia. On the other hand, Rroshi said that nearly 10,000 cases of seasonal flue are registered every week.

    “The total number of cases with A/H1N1 reaches to 37. Of course, the number of cases with flue is higher. We also have cases of the B type of flue and other sub-types. The number of cases with flue reaches to 10,000 within a week in Albania, and this number is lower compared to the last year,” said Director of the Public Health Institute, Enver Rroshi.

    According to Rroshi, the country has not yet entered the state of epidemic. Meanwhile, the greatest number of cases is expected to be during February, and it is expected to lower during the beginning of March.

    “The number of cases with flue is expected to increase during February and it is expected to fall at the end of February and at the beginning of March. The medical system in Albania serves during all the week, based on the health centers’ and hospitals’ reports in Albania,” said Rroshi.

    These days, the Public Health Institute will continue the distribution of “tamiflu” in all health centers. Meanwhile, the medical staff is at full disposal to prevent the complication of the situation for the affected patients.