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Lugansk, Ukraine: Miners contract "stomach flu" - rotavirus suspected

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  • Lugansk, Ukraine: Miners contract "stomach flu" - rotavirus suspected

    Obviously, if this is caused by rotavirus, it isn't really "flu"...,87832

    Archive Number 20110402.1023
    Published Date 02-APR-2011
    Subject PRO/EDR> Rotavirus Infection, miners - Ukraine: (LK)

    A ProMED-mail post
    ProMED-mail is a program of the
    International Society for Infectious Diseases

    Date: 28 Mar 2011
    Source: Novosti Donbassa [in Russian, trans. Mod.NR, edited]

    Mine workers affected by an outbreak of "stomach flu"
    22 miners at the Cosmonaut's mine in the Rovenka district of Lugansk
    oblast [province], were admitted to the infectious diseases hospital
    as a result of rotavirus infection, often called "stomach flu."
    According to one of the miners, the 1st symptoms were nausea and
    vomiting followed later by diarrhea and fever.

    Preliminary tests for microbial infection were negative, but a rapid
    "cito" test for rotavirus infection gave positive results. Currently
    all 22 miners are undergoing treatment. The management at the mine are
    providing all necessary facilities for treatment and diagnosis. The
    public health epidemiological surveillance service has initiated an
    investigation, but no information is available as yet.

    It is not the 1st outbreak of rotavirus infection in the area. Two
    weeks ago an outbreak of rotavirus infection was registered in the
    "Juravushka" kindergarten involving 5 children aged between 2 and 2.5
    years of age. It is expected that these children will soon be
    discharged from hospital.

    Rotavirus can be transmitted through direct contact and water. The
    diseases is more dangerous for children than for adults.

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