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Russia - Schoolgirl died of "severe, lightening-fast course" of pneumonia, tests underway - Vladivostok, Primorye Krai - January 15, 2020

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  • Russia - Schoolgirl died of "severe, lightening-fast course" of pneumonia, tests underway - Vladivostok, Primorye Krai - January 15, 2020

    Schoolgirl died of pneumonia in Vladivostok

    Verification of this fact is carried out by the Ministry of Health of Primorye

    13:14, January 15, 2020

    The Ministry of Health of Primorye has begun a check on the death of a primary school student in a school in Vladivostok.

    As the RIA VladNews correspondent was told in the department, one of the causes of the death of a minor patient could be one of the forms of pneumonia.
    The main causes of death were a severe, lightning-fast course of the disease. Given this, a check has been launched on the fact of the proper provision of high-quality treatment to a small patient, ”the Primorye Ministry of Health said.
    A special commission has to study laboratory tests, as well as the pathological conclusion. All of them will be analyzed in detail by the quality control committee for the provision of medical care.

    Recall, as previously reported by RIA VladNews, children in Primorye began to suffer from pneumonia more often. The increase in the incidence of acute pneumonia begins in November - December.
    “More often pneumonia proceeds classically: fever for more than three days, unproductive cough, loss of appetite, lethargy, and wheezing in the lungs that the doctor fixes. But during this period, the number of children with an "atypical" course of the disease increases. When a frequent, prolonged, sometimes paroxysmal cough comes out in the first place against a background of normal or low body temperature, there are no pronounced changes in the lungs, but radiographs show signs of pneumonia. This is primarily due to the characteristics of the pathogen. In the classical course, it is more often pneumococcus (streptococcus pneumonia), while “atypical” it is mycoplasma pneumonia, ”told Tatyana Vasilieva, chief non-staff pediatrician of the Primorye Health Department, to a RIA Vladnews correspondent.
    If a child finds such symptoms, parents should immediately consult a doctor.


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    “Darina was a very bright child”: in Vladivostok, a third-grader died of pneumonia

    Baby got sick on New Year's holidays
    Private doctors could not save a third-grader from Vladivostok from a severe form of bilateral pneumonia. The girl who fell ill on New Year's holidays passed away a few days ago. The main causes of death were the fulminant course of the disease. The leadership of the educational institution in which Darina studied, expressed her condolences.

    In the secondary school on Sabaneeva there is a so-called motivation system - excellent students and good students are allowed to leave for a few days earlier. So, for the last time, the class teacher Darina saw the girl on December 26, when she came for her diary. That day the baby was healthy, and she had no signs of malaise.

    For the first time, girls learned about the disease at school on January 8, when Darina’s mother informed the teachers that she and her daughter were in the hospital, and the doctors diagnosed her girl with pneumonia. From the conversation it turned out that the family was going to rest in the village, where Darina fell asleep, as it seemed at first, with the usual SARS. Together with Darina, the adults returned to Vladivostok and immediately turned to a paid clinic.

    Doctors failed to save the child.

    The Ministry of Health will check the quality of medical care in a medical institution. The Office also emphasizes that one of the reasons for the death of a minor patient could be pneumonia.

    - The main causes of death was a severe, lightning fast course of the disease. With this in mind, a check has been started on the fact of proper treatment of a small patient.

    Nelyubina Svetlana, the principal of the school Darina attended, expressed her condolences to the girl’s relatives.

    - Darina was a very kind well-bred child. She always dressed neatly and looked well-groomed, studied well and participated everywhere. I am very saddened by the realization that such bright children are leaving.

    The head also asked others, including journalists, to carefully treat the loss. No quarantine was announced at the school itself, as Darina fell ill during the holidays.