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Latvia - Infant Dies of Suspected Pneumonia

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  • Latvia - Infant Dies of Suspected Pneumonia

    On the night of Tuesday at the Children's Clinical University Hospital died on 11-month-old boy who was taken to hospital with suspected pneumonia, said portal DELFI representative hospital Romain Namnietse.

    According to her, the cause of death will be established during the examination. More detailed information in the hospital did not provide.

    Earlier, the newspaper Diena, the baby was taken to hospital where it was found that he probably was sick with tuberculosis. The child, according to the publication, after the birth have not been immunized because their parents have chosen eco-friendly lifestyle. The disease developed very rapidly, the child was placed in the intensive care unit.

    Explained portal DELFI physician pulmonologist typically immunized against tuberculosis (BCG) do in the maternity ward at 3-4-day life of a baby. Exception - clinical evidence, for example, weakened immunity, or the refusal of parents. BCG vaccination can not prevent the possible infection of tuberculosis, but may help prevent the transition of latent infection in its active phase. In other words, the goal of vaccination - prevention of tuberculosis, prevention of severe forms of the disease. Noted that they did in the childhood vaccination is not a lifetime warranty.

    In addition, pending the results of the experts (histology) can not be argued that the child died from tuberculosis just as sick, he could only personal contact with patients with open tuberculosis. In addition, for a long time in Latvia is not recorded outbreaks of disease among young children.