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Denmark: Isolated case of new influenza virus variant in a citizen

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  • Denmark: Isolated case of new influenza virus variant in a citizen

    In January, a case of an influenza virus variant, presumably originating from pigs, was found in a citizen of Denmark. This was done via the national influenza monitoring at the Statens Serum Institut (SSI).

    SSI assesses that this is an isolated case, as there have been no signs of further spread of infection.

    The citizen lives in the countryside and had underlying disease.
    Different from seasonal flu

    The citizen had symptoms typical of influenza and covid-19. And during the hospitalization, the citizen was tested positive for influenza virus.

    However, upon closer examination of the virus at the National Influenza Center at SSI, it was found that the virus was different from the usual seasonal influenza viruses.

    The analyzes showed that this virus variant presumably originates from pigs.

    'The citizen has not had contact with pigs himself, and no further cases have been identified in connection with the detection of infection. In the same way, there are no signs of infection in others, including close contacts ', says section manager Ramona Trebbien from SSI.

    It has not been possible to identify the source of the infection.
    Not previously seen in Denmark

    Occasional cases of influenza virus infection between animals and humans have been reported abroad in the past - so-called zoonotic transmission. But no such case has been seen before in Denmark.

    'At present, however, we have not found any signs that the virus in question should have a special ability to jump from pigs to humans. There is also no data to suggest that it can be transmitted between people, ”says Ramona Trebbien.

    SSI assesses that this has been an isolated case that does not give rise to public health concerns.

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