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Russia - 16 people have died from pneumonia as a flu complication - 166 of 180 schools closed in North Ossetia region until February 25, 2015

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  • Russia - 16 people have died from pneumonia as a flu complication - 166 of 180 schools closed in North Ossetia region until February 25, 2015

    Number of deaths from pneumonia in North Ossetia has reached 12 people

    Eleven people died in the Clinical Emergency Hospital (KBSP) Vladikavkaz from flu complications. On Friday, February 20, according to "Interfax-South" with reference to the Minister of Health of North Ossetia Vladimir Selivanov.
    "Unfortunately, she died young woman, who was on a ventilator, she was in a critical condition. Total of pneumonia in the hospital died 12 people, "- said V.Selivanov.
    According to him, as of Friday morning, in medical institutions are 186 adults and 48 children a person with influenza and SARS.
    "With pneumonia in our KBSP - 79 people, three of them in serious condition in the intensive care unit. Of the children - 10 with pneumonia. Heavy, but there are a child with severe somatic diseases, congestive pneumonia unrelated to the SARS virus, "- said the Minister.
    Earlier in the week, it was reported that pneumonia in North Ossetia four people died.In addition, one laboratory-confirmed case of highly pathogenic swine flu deaths.
    According to the minister, quarantine, introduced in educational and medical institutions should be extended until 1 March.
    Quarantine for influenza and SARS was introduced on February 10 in 53 schools of the Republic on 16 February in quarantine closed all schools and kindergartens in North Ossetia. Activities of medical institutions is limited. The country closed 166 of the 180 schools in the country until February 25.

    20 февраля. - Еще один человек скончался в пятницу в клинической больнице скорой помощи (КБСП) Владик... читать далее на Интерфакс-Россия

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    Officials deny "dozens" of H1N1pdm09 deaths as rumors.



    the day before yesterday / 20:12

    Every death from influenza virus will be parsed in the Ministry of Health. It is necessary to find out where and who could be a mistake. This was at the workshop said the head of department Vladimir Selivanov.Minister denies rumors about dozens of deaths from the virus. Since the beginning of the year from pneumonia and the so-called swine flu in hospital emergency room, 10 people died. 5 cases occurred in the period of the rise of viral diseases. The meeting was attended by heads of national and regional health facilities. Chief physician KBSP Elbrus Fidarov reported that now in hospital with pneumonia 65 people. 5 in intensive care. Two of them are in critical condition. They are connected to a ventilator. About anti-measures and told the leaders of other hospitals. Now clinics operate from 8 am to 8 pm, organized podvorovoy bypass, with people being Outreach. Vladimir Selivanov demanded that special attention was paid to more vulnerable populations - children, seniors and pregnant women. Also noted that no institution can not refuse a patient in health care, regardless of whether it relates to a medical institution in the community or not. Vladimir Selivanov, Minister of Health of North Ossetia-Alania: "We are in daily monitoring of the number of infected patients, the number of applied to the hospital, lying in a hospital, temperaturyaschih, children, adults separately. Are engaged in all our medical institutions. Basically, on children's clinics in the city is, as probably noticed a slight decline. In areas of an over is not present, there is little in Mozdok, a little bit in Chikola. "

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      22 February 2015.

      In North sturgeon spread the new flu virus deadly complications. Do not become 12 people It would seem that pneumonia has ceased to be an incurable disease hundred years ago. And this Friday in Vladikavkaz from flu complications died twelfth man. The epidemic spread all over North sturgeon. Three others - in critical condition. Most of all deaths recorded in hospital ambulance city of Vladikavkaz. Cause of death in each - complications from influenza and pneumonia. As the resource commander, citing a source in the hospital emergency room, this Friday it died a man who was lying in the intensive care unit. He died around noon. He became the twelfth died from complications after suffering flu. And on Friday night in the same compartment as the woman died. At this point, in medical institutions of Vladikavkaz are almost 200 adults and 50 children. They all diagnoses -gripp and SARS. Many complications begin. At the beginning of this week there were reports that the new flu complications died four. All of them - came from North sturgeon. Also laboratory-confirmed case of highly pathogenic A / H1N1, which has long bothered the public. This is the case also ended fatally. The Ministry of Health has already thinking about how to shed quarantine in educational institutions, at least until the beginning of spring.

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        The Ministry of health will inspect hospitals in North Ossetia, where 16 people have died

        Stavropol, 2 March-Amf-SC. The Ministry of health hospitals will test Russia's North Ossetia, where flu and pneumonia 16 people died, Interfax-Yug. to check the quality of medical care to people who have died from influenza and pneumonia to federal service for supervision in the field of health of the Russian Federation. This order gave the Russian Health Minister Veronika Skvortsova. According to the Press-Secretary of the Health Ministry, Oleg Salagai, all in North Ossetia were recorded 16 deaths. In three of these influenza was laboratory confirmed. In the remaining 13-confirmed pneumonia bacterial origin. Salagai also said that dead people have not been vaccinated against the flu. it was reported earlier that 13 people had died from pneumonia in North Ossetia. Laboratory confirmed that one of them was infected by the H1N1 virus. Quarantined for influenza and SARS have been closed 166 schools suspended classes and in the universities of the Republic.

        По словам пресс-секретаря Минздрава Олега Салагай умершие люди не были вакцинированы от гриппа.