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Russia: Bird flu in the Samara Region

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  • Russia: Bird flu in the Samara Region


    A hotbed of bird flu has been identified in the Russian region
    So far, it has spread only within the boundaries of one village, but there is a threat due to a non-passenger railway station located five kilometers away.
    October 17, 06:39 AM

    On the territory of the Bolshechernigovsky district of the Samara region, an outbreak of bird flu was identified. It is reported by the Samara Veterinary Association.

    "Specialists of the State Veterinary Service of the Samara Region carried out a set of measures to localize the outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza in the village of Novy Kamelik," the release says.

    At the moment, the outbreak is episodic and has been identified within the boundaries of the village, but the danger lies in the fact that a non-passenger railway station is located five kilometers away, which is a potential source of the spread of the virus, which poses a threat to humans.

    As the portal specifies, outbreaks of bird flu have also been identified in the neighboring Orenburg region and Bashkortostan. The last outbreak of bird flu in the Samara region happened in the autumn of last year in the village of Belozerki, Krasnoyarsk region.

    Earlier, Life reported that in Bashkiria, a case of bird flu was registered for the first time. It is noted that the infected geese were kept in the area near the lake, where both birds of the farm and migratory birds could easily enter.