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Serbia: Swan near Borca died of bird flu

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  • Serbia: Swan near Borca died of bird flu


    Dead swans near Borča SICK of bird flu - IS THERE A DANGER FOR PEOPLE?
    Source: Blic / Javni servis, Photo: Tanjug / Tara Radovanović | 4 hours ago | 4 hours ago

    It has been officially confirmed that the dead swans found near Borča became ill with bird flu. It is not the first time that bird flu has been diagnosed. A virologist at the Scientific Institute of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Ljubisa Veljovic, said that there was no danger to people.

    Positive and negative. These days, tests are also being done on dead swans, found in canals on the left bank of the Danube.

    - According to the citizens' report, we went out to Jojkić's Dunavac, we found one dead swan, immediately after that there was a dead swan on the Vizelj canal in Borča, after two or three days in the Kišvar canal two dead swans and on Thursday we were told that there were dozens of dead swans in the area of ​​Beljarica - says Zoran Janković from the Association "Eko Pančevački rit".

    Authorities went to the field and took samples.

    There were three samples at the Old Barge, all three tested positive for bird flu. In Stara Borča, both samples were positive and the third was in Kovilovo. Of the three samples in Beljarica, two are positive and one is negative. The Veterinary Administration declared the infected zone in all three cases, says Budimir Grubić, director of JKP Veterina Belgrade.

    Members of the "Eco Pancevacki rit" association are also searching the area.

    - As an association of citizens, we are still monitoring the situation, we have received information that there are dead swans on Ilić's Dunavc and near Bela stena. We have experience with this bird flu - in 2017, we had the infected area of ​​the Vizelj canal in Borča, where we took out five swans a day for some 15 days - said Janković.

    For now, bird flu has only been confirmed in swans.

    - There are susceptible and unacceptable species of birds, currently based on this preliminary test that was done, we see that they are swans, we currently have no results for other birds and we do not know whether any special measures will have to be implemented - says Grubić.

    Based on additional analyzes, appropriate measures prescribed by law will be implemented.

    Veljovic: There is no danger for people

    It is not the first time that bird flu has been diagnosed. Answering the question how dangerous he is for people, the virologist at the Scientific Veterinary Institute, Dr. Ljubisa Veljovic, told RTS that it depends on the strain.

    - It is a strain of H5N8, it is the same strain that was discovered in March in Vojvodina, now we have three cases in Belgrade, in the wider area, it has been proven that it is a strain that is not dangerous to humans, it is exclusively related to birds - says Veljović .

    - H5N1 has created chaos in the whole world, but we do not have that strain now, it has been diagnosed that it is H5N8 - Veljović explained, emphasizing that there is no room for panic.

    The kovida virus is known to attack 19 animals as well. Swans have not been tested for kovid.

    - When it comes to kovids, there are susceptible species of animals - fur animals: in dogs, cats on weasel farms that have been devastated by kovids. Kovid does not go to birds, there is no need to do a test with swans - he says.

    There are species of animals that can get kovid, but they represent a dead end, so you can't get from them, the last link in the chain of infections and they can't pass the infection on, and you have diseases that you can get from animals, explains Veljović.

    The dead swans were found near populated areas. The Veterinary Administration declared the endangered area and passed a decision in which there are measures for agriculture and veterinary medicine - what is forbidden and what is allowed: fairs, gatherings, trade in poultry meat from the infected area are forbidden.

    It is emphasized that this is a strain that cannot be transmitted to humans, no special measures are needed. Bird flu is similar to corona - we wear masks as protection, and dead birds should not be touched, they should be reported.

    - Swans are the most sensitive, wild birds are the most affected by bird flu, water birds, swans are the most affected. They bear it the hardest and die easily. The dead swan should be reported as soon as possible, and the Veterinary Inspection in Belgrade, the Scientific Institute for Veterinary Medicine are in charge - concluded Veljović.

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