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Turkey - 2 children hospitalized suspected H5N1 bird flu - Adiyaman province - May 31, 2015

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  • Turkey - 2 children hospitalized suspected H5N1 bird flu - Adiyaman province - May 31, 2015

    Adiyaman bird flu alert

    Adiyaman one Syrian two children, were hospitalized with suspected bird flu.

    A | 05/31/2015 - 21:51
    News ? Interior News

    2-year-old child of Syrian workers in poultry farms in El Preacher family Abdulrezzak doyran village of El-Khatib was taken to the ambulance to the name on the high fever Xiamen University Training and Research Hospital.
    By staff wearing protective clothing children admitted to hospital, the observations were taken in a private room on the determination of waste that recently a large number of chickens on the farm.

    Adiyaman University Training and Research Hospital Chief Physician Assistant. Assoc. Dr.Fatih Dogan, said in a statement to reporters, coughing, and two children from 2 to 8 years of age admitted to the hospital with complaints of high fever, he said.
    Dogan, they stopped on suspicion of avian influenza on the determination of chicken deaths increased in recent days, he told the village where the children lived.
    Dogan striking treated saver for patients, "the general condition of the patients was good. We will send to the Ministry of samples we receive. receive treatment according to the results from the next. Our children infectious diseases in the case isolated as it sees fit our doctor," he said.

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      Adiyaman 'in one Syrian nationals, two children, were being treated in hospital for suspected bird flu.
      Doyran village living in the area where the waste poultry at a facility near the Syriannationals 2-year-old Abdulrezzak El orator in high fire chief showed the family of wearing special clothing to the scene on notice paramedics ambulance by Adıyaman was referred to the Education and Research Hospital. El Khatib received treatment at the hospital as well as living in the same area and unnamed 8-year-old child were treated in a private room in the same hospital with suspicion.
      Adiyaman University Training and Research Hospital Chief Asst. Assoc. Dr. Fatih Dogan , said that complaints of cough and fever admitted to hospital with the two children lived in the area in recent days received treatment for suspected bird flu occurred on the determination of chicken waste. Applied prophylactic therapy, indicating that children of nature, good general condition of the patients. The sample we received from our patients, we will send to the ministry. According to the results of the treatments will come after. Our children infectious diseases doctors, our patients as our teacher deems appropriate in isolated cases. Our children are 2 and 8 years old said one Syrian.

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