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Turkey - Owners of infected poultry in Yozgat hospitalized for tests, observation

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  • Turkey - Owners of infected poultry in Yozgat hospitalized for tests, observation

    Machine translated from Arabic:

    The discovery of domestic animals injured with the bird flu in the Turkish city of Youzghat

    A health / Turkey / an influenza / birds

    Ankara - 11-4 (an universe) - The panic spread once more in Turkey due to the discovery of poultry injured with the bird flu virus in Youzghat city amid Turkey today.

    And a news agency (Anatolia) mentioned the Turkish that ten chickens died to unknown reasons in two farms related to Youzghat city.

    And she reported from health sources the saying it was proved after sending samples to a governmental laboratory that "the chickens Nfqoua because of the bird flu virus". And she clarified that the transfer of families that accompanies the two farms to the hospital for holding the analyses necessary to them took place while it started workers the health and they wear disinfected medical clothes with the collection of the birds for getting rid of them for the prevention of the epidemic spread. And the city situation has taken place under the stone the health where he does not allow the animals the entrance to them or getting out of them while damaging [culling] 720 of the poultry took place in the city.

    And the Turkish authorities seek the protection of the poultry farm from the disease move dangers to them through the migrating birds and carried out a wide campaign the scope for getting rid of birds injured with the disease where the eradication of the tens of thousands of the birds took place. And in Turkey four scored deaths because of the bird flu virus from an offspring (H5N1) in last January. And he was the victims the Turkish they he gave the cases of the human injury that informed about them outside a region east of Asia since the return of a virus (H5N1) to the appearance in year 2003. And the presence of the bird flu virus discovered in land birds and poultry in wide areas from Turkey specially the poor villages the one that extends from Istanbul "on Europe gate" to Van City near the Iranian and Iraqi borders. And the Turkish government formed a committee for the discussion of the crisis that hit the industry of the poultry that is estimated at about three billions dollars.

    Yozgat is in central Turkey:
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