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Sweden: 2024 Avian flu in poultry

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  • Sweden: 2024 Avian flu in poultry


    Bird flu at a breeding facility in Skåne
    Jan 07, 2024
    writer Anders Niléhn category Animal production

    Bird flu has been confirmed at a breeding facility with broiler chickens in Skåne. This is shown by test results from the Norwegian Veterinary Institute, SVA. The Swedish Agricultural Agency has decided to block the plant, which means that no animals or animal products are allowed to leave it.

    All birds will be euthanized and the relevant buildings cleaned.
    The outbreak of bird flu, which is the first in domestic fowl this season, has occurred at a facility with approximately 48,000 animals in Sjöbo municipality.
    The Swedish Agricultural Agency has decided that all animals on the farm must be euthanized, the buildings must be cleaned and infection tracing is ongoing.
    - Killing all the animals on the affected facility is routine in the event of an outbreak of bird flu. This is done in order to minimize the risk of the infection spreading to other herds, says Enisa Miljanic, infection control officer at the Swedish Agency for Agriculture.

    The Swedish Agency for Agriculture has also established a restricted zone, with a protection zone of 3 kilometers and a surveillance zone of 10 kilometers, around the plant. Here, special restrictions apply to poultry facilities and others that keep birds in captivity, with the aim of preventing the spread of infection...

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